About us

We created our website with the main purpose of providing you with information about video games released for various gaming consoles and platforms. On our information resource, we post the latest gaming news, reviews on new, popular and interesting titles as well as guides, walkthroughs and available cheat codes, to keep you updated and know your way around the gaming industry.

This seemingly simple task is actually not that simple to perform, as video game industry today is a big and rapidly developing economic sector, which has its own trends, big market players, and infrastructure. If we compare the current state of the industry with the one of some ten or twenty years ago, we can clearly see that, on the one hand, delivering attractive gaming products to public becomes increasingly more complex and requires new design approaches and implementation of new technologies, as video games transform and become more complex themselves. On the other hand, digital distribution channels enable many small developing companies and independent video game developers to release their products to a broad public audience without resorting to publishing companies. In other words, gaming becomes more interesting and exciting yet more complicated and varied.

That is why we strive to provide our readers with quality and useful gaming info as well as exchange gaming experience with them. We want to establish an information and experience exchange with our audience via our site, so that people could make informed choices and enjoy their time playing games they really like and the way they like. What is more, we aim to make our resource a point of communication between people sharing the same interest and passion for gaming. We want our readers to have a good time with us and bring them joy, whether it is an unadulterated joy of playing video games, learning something new about them or communicating with other gaming fans.