Top 5 best games of 2018 (and the ones worth waiting for in future)

The year 2018 had a wild start in terms of video game titles. Terrific games like Far Cry 5, Sea of thieves, and Shadow of the Colossus have been released since January. However, there are still many ahead. These are the best games of 2018 (and the ones worth waiting for), so if you do not want to miss them read this article until the end.

A way out

A way out

EA brought us many interesting titles but recently they had many troubles, so a great new game could restore their reputation. This honor felt to their new co-op game “A way out”, which was released on March 23. In this game, two characters break free from the prison and then try to run away from the pursuit. This split screen game looks a lot like a movie. It is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4.

Crackdown 3

The third game in Crackdown series is almost ready to be released. In this open-world game, you play as a future-cop, who is able to fight crime in the most chaotic way. Nothing can stop your rage to fight a mysterious gang Terra Nova in a city of New Providence.

The Crew 2The Crew 2

Racing games are in decline these days. However, Ubisoft will try to change this with its sequel to 2015 game “The Crew”. This open world game grows on its predecessor adding planes and boats to luxurious and off-road cars. So now, you can explore not only the roads but also waters and airspace around the USA. The main action will take place in famous cities like New York and Las Vegas.

Skull and Bones

Games about pirates are popular these days and Sea of Thieves published by Microsoft Studios can lose its leading position soon. After the success of “Assassin’s Creed Black Flag”, Ubisoft wants to start a separate game about pirates. It looks like this game would be grimmer and more realistic than Sea of Thieves. You will be able to join sea battles of the 18th century in the Indian Ocean. Ubisoft plans to make an emphasis on the PvP battles online. Except usual cannon and melee fights game will have a supernatural marine force involved.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts series is notorious for many sequels and spinoffs that have been released quite often. Nevertheless, it was a long time since Kingdom Hearts II was published. Now after 13 years of waiting for Japanese Square Enix Co., Ltd. finally released Kingdom Hearts III. This game series has many famous characters from Disney universe, and in a new game, developers will add more from the “Toy Story” and the “Monster Inc.” Except for new characters, Kingdom Hearts III will have better graphics, refined camera movements, and improved combat system.



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