The best android games 2017

South Park: Phone Destroyer

In this game, the heroes of the famous cartoon series appear in a new role. Each character gained unique abilities – of a magician, a cyborg, a cowboy and so on. They will have to unite in teams and show their skills in battles with opponents in real time. In fact, this game is a strategy with elements of action. Among other things, you will need to collect cards and improve them. South Park’s unsurpassed humor is a bonus.

Monument Valley 2

As in the first Monument Valley 2, the main feature of this puzzle is a distorted perspective. On the one hand, this complicates the task, on the other – makes it more interesting. You seem to fall into the impossible Escher’ world. However, in this game the illusion is real. Things that seem to be connected are really connected. You are to control two characters: mother and daughter. The control process is fairly simple, but dizzying prospects is a real challenge.

Neon Chrome

This shooter is created in the style of cyberpunk, and its hero is, most likely, a hacker with the manners of the hitman. You will need to lead him through the tangled labyrinths, firing back from the enemies he meets at every corner. The hero has cyber abilities that can be improved, as well as a set of modern weapons. If you are destroyed, you can start again, but each next way will be different from the previous one. According to many players, this game is one of the best android games 2017.

Iron Marines

In this strategy, you have to take command of the army of fighters. You get to an unknown planet, the inhabitants of which are not very happy to see you. Moreover, they are willing to destroy your army. You will have to defend yourself against inhuman aliens, strengthening your base and desperately firing back. To war more effectively, you can develop the abilities of your fighters. But the main things are, of course, the correctly chosen strategy and flexible tactics.

Card Thief

Our list of the best android games 2017 also includes this card game. At least because it is not like other card games. On the playing field you can find a thief’s card, and also eleven cards, many of which are your enemies. You need to be very cautious in moving around the game space, luring out enemies and neutralizing them.



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