Top 5 best zombie games of 2017 that will scare the pants off of you

Zombie apocalypse is unlikely to happen soon. Do not be upset though, you can experience its consequences by playing these games. Thrill is guaranteed.

How to Survive 2

As in all other best zombie games 2017, this one begins from the epidemic of planetary scope. Infection rapidly transforms the inhabitants of the Earth into walking dead people. You are one of the few who have not lost their human appearance. In order to survive, you need to build a well-protected camp and learn how to resist the bloodthirsty zombies. Events occur in a randomly generated environment with a change of day and weather conditions. You have the ability to make a large number of different items that will help you survive.

Resident Evil 7

If you like old school horror movies like “The Evil Dead”, you’ll love this game as well, especially its seventh edition. It deliberately copies the style of old films and causes pleasant nostalgia. The main character is in search of his missing wife. By imprudence, he falls into the family of cannibals, who lives in a large mansion. The player needs to explore the house, solve puzzles, find hidden artifacts and, of course, fight monsters.

Dead Rising 2

This is perhaps the most unusual game among the best zombie games 2017. It has a rather nontrivial story. The main character participates in a reality show, where he fights against zombies. But once people lose control of walking dead. The hero with his daughter and several other survivors are trapped. The protagonist has to constantly go out in search of food and medicine for his daughter. In the street he meets hungry zombies, as well as gangs of brutalized people.

Dead island 2

Zombies also like to relax in a tropical resort. In this game, the action takes place on a picturesque island. Instead of a peaceful rest, you will have to enjoy the extermination of the living dead. In addition to fighting with zombies, you will perform various missions, master all sorts of necessary items and develop your hero’s skills.

Dying Light

The events of this game take place in the Middle East town, which was captured by zombies. The protagonist, along with other survivors, stands against the walking dead, as well as gangs of marauders. The main feature of the game is the use of parkour techniques in the process of destroying zombies. Be especially careful at night – In the dark, enemies are more dangerous!


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