7 Best PS4 Games For Girls of All Ages


Many people think that men rule the gaming world. However, there are still millions of female players that form a special gaming niche. Therefore, the game developers offer plenty of different solutions for girls, from classical old-school options to creative games.

Games for girls


7 Best PS4 Games for Female Players

  1. Just Dance 2018. Almost all the girls love dancing and singing. The following game will give them such a great opportunity. It contains an incredible number of different songs, from new pop hits to disco 90th. Just Dance 2018 has a cool library of over 300 songs. Furthermore, the players can use both PlayStation camera and Dance Controller app at their smartphones to catch the movements.

Games for girls_Just Dance 2018


  1. Rocket League. Males are not the only ones, who love racing. Rocket League will meet the requirements of players of both sexes, since it has plenty of customized options and requires using your creativity.
  2. Hasbro Family Pack. This game is another solution for ladies, who want to experience some nostalgia. Feel free to play Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk with perfectly designed digital versions.
  3. Lego Worlds. Everyone loves playing Lego, despite the age and sex. Create anything you want from hundreds of virtual blocks with ease. The game also includes numerous rare details and bright characters.

Games for girls_Lego worlds


  1. Little Big Planet 3. This PS4 solution is a perfect option for girls, who are fond of games that offer changing plenty of costumes and stickers. Feel yourself a designer and create your own unique character.
  2. Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends will attract both kids and adult female players. The funny and cute world of Raman will make you play again and again.
  3. Frozen Free Fall. The game includes the main characters of the world-known Disney cartoon. This PS4 solution is also suitable for girls of all ages due to its user-friendly interface, pleasant music and easy management.

Games for girls_Frozen


All in all, there are plenty of different options for playing PS4 by female gamers. However, if you are looking for a game for a younger girl, don’t forget to pay attention to the game’s age category.


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