Any gamer of worth has definitely come across the Battlefield series. It shares numerous traits with other shooter games thus effectively earning a place under action games. By first person shooter, it is meant that the player experiences the action as if he is the protagonist. The protagonist’s eyes becomes the shooter’s eyes. The first game in the series was the Battlefield 1942 and was released in 2002. Since then, a series of games have been released creating a lot of excitement from gamers. The Battlefield series was a game has helped revolutionize video games with as well as make video games one of the favorite sports for the young and the elderly alike.

Battlefield V

The next release is flattered as be the best game gamers have seen this far. New features will be added and gamers are promised an experience like no other. Battlefield five will be most intense and involving Battlefield yet. Gamers are assured that every battle will come with its unique traits and thus no battle will resemble the other. In Battlefield V, every story is untold. Dozens of players in each side, different vehicles, and classes are things already known to exist in Battlefield V. Apart from the usual traits, the new features to be added are expected to freshen up things and make the game the best there is to date.

Battlefield 5-Tank

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Battlefield 5 was first fully revealed on May 23 where the stream reveling it offered an in-depth look different features expected in the game. Initially, Battlefield 5 was to be released 0n 19th October 2018 but was later pushed to November. It will be released on November 20, 2018.  The change of the release date was a strategic move because it helps Battlefield 5 not share its glory with a couple of other games which were scheduled to be released on the same week in October. Exciting news to gamers is that Battlefield 5 will have a battle royale. The unfortunate news to those who are eagerly waiting for Battlefield 5 is that they will have to wait till spring of 2019 to play Firestorm.

Battlefield 5 Beta

The Battlefield 5 beta went live for the pre-loads on the third of September. All those who had pre-ordered the game were then able to play it the following day. The beta contained two maps for the 64-player conquest mode. These maps were Rotterdam and Arctic Fjord. The Artic Fjord presented both airborne and breakthrough modes through grand operations.

Battlefield 5-Bridge

Battlefield 5 Setting

Many combat video games find inspiration from the two deadliest wars to have rocked the earth. There are many action games that have been developed using World War I and World War II as their setting. Battlefield 5 will be happing during World War II period. Being part of a series, Battlefield 5 will avoid some location such as the beaches of Normandy which have been used previously. In this game, gamers will be heading to North Africa, the city of Rotterdam, Norway’s Arctic Circle, and rural France. Exciting news for gamers is that US forces will be present as reveled by the presence of American paratrooper arsenal. There is also a British flag that is visible giving fans a reason to smile. They smile because the game will be offering different Characters from the allied armies.

Battlefield 5 Gameplay

The core of Battlefield 5 gameplay includes a lot of new nuts and bolts. Through big and small feature changes, Battlefield 5 is expected to be a great shift from what Battlefield has come to be known for. Among the new additions is the Fortifications. Through Fortification, gamers will have a tool box that will enable them to create structures from scratch. As if not enough, the new feature will also enable gamers to repair destroyed buildings. The benefit of this feature is the ability to create a structure to act as a defensive mechanism. In previous Battlefield games, heavy-duty weapons were static. In Battlefield 5, however, these weapons can be attached to vehicles and taken to new locations.

Battlefield 5-Airplane

Another addition is the need to be super attentive. This is the result of the removal of little triangle that enable allies in detecting enemy soldiers. In Battlefield 5, your eyes and ears must now be fully in the game. Gamers in Battlefield 5 have to be more attentive to the actual world and less to the HUD. To compensate for the less icon information, Battlefield 5 supper in-world effects. This include the movement and rustling of foliage which is a sign that there is somebody hiding in the bush. There has also been a lot of animation involved. Characters can now lift knees when walking in water. They can slip when walking on mud and hop over a rock.

Battlefield 5 Review

Many people would expect a series to move from 1 to 2 but Battlefield jumped from Battlefield 1 to Battlefield 5. In doing so, it carefully builds on the success of Battlefield 1 and ensures that new features are added to make Battlefield 5 appear different from Battlefield 1. There are a lot of the game that is yet to be real seed but from what gamers have tested, Fans can expect a game like no other.


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