Scorn that you deserve


Among strangers

Scorn is an episodic horror, developed for PC and MAC with Oculus Rift support. The game is remarkable for its high detail, atmospheric and lack of any interface. The game is divided into two parts. Events unfold in a surreal and nightmarish universe, filled with “biological” motives. The protagonist, who suddenly finds himself in this world, must investigate it, relying on his feelings, as well as on observations.

The world of the game is divided into many different locations, each of which is designed in a unique style. All these locations are clearly divided by theme, and each of them offers its unique experience and history, to which players need to get. Through the study of locations, the protagonist will have to understand why he found himself in this nightmare, and also to find out why he is here and how to get out of here.

As you pass, you will discover new locations, receive other skills, weapons and items. By the way, creating the design of this game, the developers were inspired by the work of Hans Rudolf “Rüdi” Giger, known primarily because he created the world of the cult film “Alien”.



Gameplay and design

The main feature of the gameplay – the structure of the world, which is divided into many regions. The world is a whole labyrinth of rooms. The character’s reaction to the effects from the outside will be crucial to the progress of the game. Therefore, in Scorn players will have to carefully think through each step, each time deciding whether to engage in a fight or hide.


It is worth noting that the game amaze with its atmosphere, the ability to immerse the player in its world, make you feel inside the game. Not only thanks to the support of Oculus Rift. The design of the game itself captures the imagination, everything that happens looks very vital. The lack of an interface also contributes to a complete immersion in what is happening. All interactions with the world will be extremely realistic – raised items will be taken in hand, rather than “hovering” in the air, interacting with machines and mechanisms will also be very plausible.


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