The game at first can seem a little intimidating with so much going on in the screen and a lot of tips and things to learn about before actually playing. Here in this guide and a little Viking war of clans review, you will find some of the most important tips to help you get comfortable in the Viking war of clans gameplay and also understand its advancements to get you started into mastering the game. You will also need to understand that the following helpful ideas and sentences are used by the top gamers and clan users in the game, making them one of the best in the game and helping them stand out amongst the swarm of beginners. Let’s begin.

Change the names

By clicking the influence button placed gently on the top of the screen on your profile picture, you will be taken there and you have the ability to change your name and also the name of your town. You can create a good name that suits your needs and your actions to help you stand out amongst the other games and consumers of the name. The free name that is provided is usually not a good one so it is advisable to change your name the moment you start playing so other people can know your identity and also your uniqueness when starting out and joining clans. If a clan full of people have not changed their names and stuck to the default name provided by the system, it will be a terrible way of knowing who is who.


As the early levels progress in the Viking war of clans gameplay, there is no wrongness into upgrading your buildings from any order or perspective, as you can take and try the most of them in your line with the Palace. The basic purpose of the Palace is to determine the level of the town and is necessarily the cap too with all the other buildings residing against it is raised to. Being careful is very necessary as you hit the Palace 5 because once you go over that level you will lose your Novice’s Relocation which changes your game a great deal. Hence is very important to try out and be building all the time to enhance your practice and also help into the progression of being into a better gamer. When you are sure that you are willing to be offline for a length of time, you can start with some timers for the builds which will help increase in your progression when you come back online to play.

Novice’s Relocation

With every new player that joins the game, they are ordered and granted a free Novice’s Relocation, which basically is only available when the Palace of the gamer reaches Level 6. When in stage of Viking war of clans review by many of the famous gamers, they have stated and adored that as more perks and better gameplay is promised when the levels increase, this item will let the gamer to relocate themselves entirely into another kingdom. As the kingdoms are changed, the different servers will be accomplished for you to play on, increasing your chance of meeting new and improved gamers. Since you are just starting out, you can choose a new kingdom, so that all the other gamers and consumers of the game are also joining at the same level as you, and connect with you just the same.

Join a clan

As soon as you can, you should join a clan. Starting with just random clans, you will be able to get a lot of tasks and on the completion of these, you can opt many rewards and experiences and resources. The added bonus of the other clan members helping you in this process and speeding up the building and learning timers is very beneficial to the game as well. The clan chat is the place where you can interact with the other gamers in your clan and also learn the most from the game by asking a variety of questions and doubts. They also offer great protection against the oncoming and attacking Jacks, proving and safeguarding your town to be the likely one to attack. Once you are established, however, you will then look at the other clans who might be better for you and you can join them easily with the better levels and rewards achieved.


When you upgrade your buildings and complete the tasks that are assigned to you, your Hero usually levels up a few times. You can see the skillset of your Hero by clicking on the picture and also saw the statistics of your troops and the productions of the town. To increase the resource production, the learning speed, and the construction speed, head over to the right-hand side, where it will help you to grow and attain the skills. Maxing out the buildings I and II and also the Learning I and II at first, will help you a lot and can also importantly lower the learning timers and the capacity of building by a significant amount. It really is a game that is intelligently designed and structured in a way to deal with your patience and also guide you thoroughly through the process of enjoying every piece of the game designed in the Viking war of clans pc.

To have a good start in the game of Viking war of clans pc, it is better to just start out and build an army and play. The most important thing is that you play and play furiously and properly, dedicating and investing your time in the game, upgrading the building in your town, reaching more levels and clearing the tasks to attain the rewards, and also increasing the knowledge that you attain significantly.


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