In this Viking war of clans review, Vikings: War of Clans is a strategy and industrially planned browser game which is set in an insular world of Vikings where players have to build their kingdoms as Jarls. War is also held between armies and heroes.

Despite not being able to offer daily anything new to the players of this genre, it has done a good job in providing high class and quality gameplay along with an addictive war game experience which has kept me playing for hours and hours. It also does not require payment to play the full game, which is really a positive thing for those younger generations out there.

Main Review

The main theme of the Viking war of clans pc game is to become the most powerful leader and player along with having the most indestructible and largest army. You must influence your clan in becoming strong and unbeatable by occupying most of your time collecting loot and attacking and raiding other towns to gain large amounts of loot and rewards which helps to upgrade your town and army. This takes loads of better planning between players and prominent amount of chemistry needed.

One of the great mechanics in this game is that it provides a comprehensive tutorial which guides you on taking the right decisions and also gives you a basic layout of the game on how it works. The player who has used his/her guidance well will have more effectiveness and productivity while playing as he/she will understand better about the game. Having the game at a certain skill level is something that makes every game enjoyable and fun, that is why playing this game for hours does not make me bored.


Multiple branching progression paths are something that the game offers in the form of tech-tree research and crafting which makes the game endlessly fascinating. Town economy and improving your troops is one of the most important things you must focus on while playing Vikings: War of Clans and there is no Viking war of clans cheats as it is the only part of the game which helps you reach from one level to another. It makes a big difference if the player who you’re getting attacked by has a higher level than you as he/she has more advantage of clearing out your base. However, the combat mechanics have a very good hold in matchmaking, the result of the match is determined by several factors, including the energy and will of the army strength, town level, hero levels and all levels. This is one of the things that makes me love this game as I have played many games that have unfair matchmakings, and this game does a very good job when it comes to you having combat.

Roles of Heroes

Heroes play an important role in the in the success of your empire as early said, you can easily level them up and fit them the best equipment. This is a very interesting and fundamental component as it brings a hero system which every game should be able to deliver. Skill points will be gained by heroes which can be easily spent in two different trees that have other purposes, such as how strong your army is while you go on for an attack or have to defend, or how efficient your clan is.

Crafting materials can also be obtained by attacking enemy towns that can be used to wear better equipment to boost their aggression and power. This RPG game definitely knows how to deal with players who enjoy the benefits of saving coins and upgrading as it is perfect for a war strategy game.

Effects and Design

Special effects and magical effects which changes the game’s environment can be turned on from the options menu, this definitely makes your town alive and makes this Vikings War on Clans review truthful to the game and the best-looking browser game of the modern era. The 3D effects and animation used in the game literally give me an amazing feeling whenever I’m playing it. It boosts my adrenaline whenever I hear the well-used sound effects and animation when the players run to attack. I had never seen such an attention to details in a strategic browser game before. It matches perfectly for the Vikings theme, along with the art and music being authentic to the period. Cheating has never been allowed and so many users are reported if they try to find any Viking war of clans cheats.

The community feels every alive in the Viking war of clans pc game and whenever there is everyone in the world chat box, everyone is very friendly, lively and civil, with clan invitations and new player advices popping up every now and then which helps the player increase their knowledge about the game.

The game also delivers a good job at offering players purposeful busy work by giving them so many of the quests to complete which makes this game extremely addictive. Definitely, Vikings: War of Clans is one of the best products ever released to date. I felt the part of the world in which I was playing, and honestly, this was the first time I’m playing a strategic game so I could positively say it has given me a good first impression. If you’re looking for a traditional browser game that implements all the classical features in a comprehensive positive way, this game is perfect.


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