The land that you subside and reside in Viking War of Clans is that nature that is both very violent and bloody. However, that is not the case in the Kingdoms situated and established in the north where the Vikings usually and thoughtfully reply on their brothers and spend their usual time with the clansmen and their beloved. Each clan in the game consists and is run by a Chief leader. They are usually implemented like the leaders of our society and run the organization and the clan from the top. It is the command and will of the Chief that is worked out and obeyed by the Warlords and the Elders in the game. Once the Chief has authorized such an action to take place, suggested strategies of generalization commands and instructions are followed to take that decision and carry it further, but in time the alliance’s power is generated from the members from where the Clan has become their home. It is a game of togetherness, equality, government appeals, and leadership.


Just like every man needs to protect their homes, in the Viking War of Clans gameplay and the game, every Jarl has the will and responsibly towards their Domain and needs to thoroughly protect it, because it proves that the region is the structure of the military base and also the source of their main towering power. Once you can go about forth in your kingdom in the game, you will have your very own Town, which has to be established, organized and resourced properly, which all will be in the control of your hands and the production of it as well. You will also have the need to control, regulate and develop its areas, and also reinforce your troops, making you feel like the president or mayor of the town. It is such this feeling that most players relish and enjoy, making them feel like they are in control of something important.

As time goes by, more responsibilities, duties and tasks are put on top of each other, making you work harder and manage all the tasks alone by yourself, which in case, will make you want to look at other friendly and legal solutions, introducing you to the Clans to come into the play of yours. You can and will start applying to the various clans and see which one of them spark your interest. It is all about the philosophy of applying and which you really like and feel like you can relate to. You can become an excellent and towering Chief to the brave men and women who can call you their true leader. Participating with the other members, friends, colleagues and enemies and going prepared into epic battles is what Viking game online is really famous and renowned for and that is where the importance of the name of the clan comes in. After you can group your members and make a clan together, you need to title it and give it a name that suggests what your clan is really about so you can enhance and suit to be the dominant clan for the new kingdom in which you desire.


In order to sound epic in the Viking game online, you need an epic name for your clan. Here are a few Viking war of clans tips for the clan that you just built with your friends or family – all the members need to be initiated and recognized into the list of clans so the name can suggest what the clan is about and how dangerous, epic, or outstanding it may seem to actually go into battle. With the name attached, there are many ways to change the color in places of it, to match your taste and or feel of the clan, and it can be placed in the nickname or text in the chat forms.

One thing to keep in mind in initiating and learning from the Viking war of clans tips when you are full on to become a family of clans, for example, the PL family, is to keep the root of the name really short and precise. You can appreciate and apprehend by placing a suitable suffix to the clan’s attitude and approach and root them with the suffix that can be attached so Pl farmers, Pl Warriors, etc. This can in-turn work better into having a suitable and well-fulfilling family of names for the clans and the other players can understand better. It is like the family name given to a human.

Ideas for choosing a good name

Of course, the name of the clan has to do with the philosophy of what your clan is really all about. It depends on what you really are doing and impacting most in the game, which would then give you plausible names to represent your desire and your work in the game. If you pillage other villagers, you can use the word ‘pillage’ creatively into your name which will function and represent your act truthfully. It is better not to use common names like United or Clashers and names of the sort as that decreases the value of the clan and also doesn’t really tell what the clan is famous or spectacular about. In order to stand out, it is better to choose a clan name that is different and not used by anyone, and also represents what your clan really specializes in to make your clan the best among that practice and region. Some examples to help you get better at naming clans can be, like If you like farming – CraZ3 Shi3ds, or iFarm.d0ne, or Maxton F4rm, V0lume F4RMZ, and such like that. You can add other quirky and hip ideas into your name and add different punctuation to really on par your name amongst the other clan list. You can replace the word A with 4 or L or I with 1 and E with a 3 to be more creative and add numbers to your names too. That is one of the famous trends for most famed clans out there.


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