Every individual wants to travel the ascension path they have created for themselves so they can quickly achieve the success goals they have set as their target. But what is it that can help them achieve such quick success? Experts point out that creativity is one of the most important factors that can help people achieve quick success in whatever endeavors they take up. Though there are a number of tools that can help in developing such creative skills, playing appropriate video games can render the best help.

Among the online games that are available, Metro Exodus series games can be of very good use to you because they can help in developing your creativity so well that you can think of suitable ideas for coping with unexpected situations and coming out unscathed. Let us delve a little deeper into the latest in this series that is expected to get released soon.

Metro Exodus - Winter

These games are basically shooter games that are played first person. 4A Games, a company from Ukraine, has developed this upcoming game and Deep Silver are supposed to be its publishers. This game is based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky and the upcoming one is the third in the entire series. The events in this latest game will follow those that had happened in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the first two games in the series.


As far as Metro Exodus gameplay is concerned, it consists of survival horror elements as well as stealth elements. The scenario of the game has been set as the events that happened after the apocalypse in the wasteland in the erstwhile Russian Federation. It was a nuclear apocalypse that was responsible for creation of this wasteland that consisted of big and nasty mutants, suffocating tunnels, and all-pervasive dread. You, as the gamer, have to cope with several new hazards you may come across. You may have to engage yourself in combats against a number of mutated creatures and hostile humans as well. Of course, as a player, you will have an arsenal that consists of weaponry that have been hand-made. You can customize these weapons by using a suitable crafting system and the scavenging materials that are available.

Metro Exodus - Map

Other features of this game are different sandbox environments and a blend that consists of different linear levels. Some of the other amazing features of this game are a weather system that is continually dynamic, day-night cycles, and environments that keep changing depending on the seasons as well as the progression of the story. In short, the whole game is set through the course of a full game year.

Synopsis of the game.

The year in which Metro Exodus has been set is 2036 that is exactly 2 years after the unfolding of the events in Metro: Last Light. The story involves the effects of a nuclear war that was fought about 23 years earlier. Devastation had struck the whole planet due to the apocalypse caused by the nuclear war. If gamers can recollect, they will remember the “Redemption” ending of Metro: Last Light. As per the synopsis of the story of this game, the story continues from there.

Metro Exodus - Man with binoculars

As in the first two stories, the player in this game also plays the role of Artyom, a 23-year old lad, who flees the Moscow Metro for setting off on a long and continent-spanning journey. Of course, Spartan Rangers will be accompanying him in this journey towards the far east. His journey begins first near the Volga, almost near the Ural range of Mountains. He gets a ride for traveling by a locomotive called the “Aurora” for heading east for getting a new lease of life. The story unfolds the events that take place within a year in the Russian Metro, beginning with the winter that has become harsher due to the nuclear apocalypse. There is yet another key character that also returns from the earlier game and that is Artyom’s wife, Anna.


4A Games, the developers of the game, say that they began working on this game in 2014. All the tasks related to its development have been carried out at their studios in Kiev and Malta.

Release of the game.

The game that was originally scheduled to be released during this Fall is expected to be release only during the first quarter of 2019. To be precise, the Metro Exodus release date will be 22 February 2019. Another news that may be of interest to gamers is that during February, 2018, Koch Media, that is the parent organization of Deep Silver, the original publishers of the game, has been taken over by THQ Nordic. THQ Nordic has made announcements about the delay during their briefing about their company’s financial results. The game will be available not only on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but on PC as well.

Metro Exodus - Man with Gun

The brief trailer that has been released clearly indicates that the game will certainly fulfill the expectations of gamers like you. It will run on consoles capable of playing games in what is known as 4K resolution. Therefore, gamers will be able to enjoy its sharpness as well. Of course, for those who want play the game on their PC, Metro Exodus PS4 PC will be available.


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