Jurassic World: Evolution. Dinosaurs to entertain


Jurassic World: Evolution is not about survival and not about adventures. This is, above all, a business simulator that allows you to try yourself in the role of the manager of the amusement park. The inhabitants of this park, as you probably guessed, are dinosaurs.

This park is truly huge, it is located on five islands. The diversity of dinosaurs is also impressive – forty types. Your goal is to manage the park, improve it, to create a world class entertainment complex.

There are two modes in Jurassic World: Evolution. Career mode is available from the very beginning of the game. There is also a sandbox mode. It appears after the park on one of your islands gets a four-star rating.


You will have an experienced advisor in the game. In addition, you will communicate with other characters who are responsible for one of the three areas: research, security or entertainment. Each of the characters will give advice on the development of the park, and you will need to listen to these tips. After all, if you lose respect in the eyes of representatives of one of the units, you may face problems.

Among the possible problems there could be the disease of some dinosaurs, which can lead to their death. Equipment damage may also occur. In some cases, dinosaurs can escape their enclosures to freedom, threatening lives of visitors.

Part of your team will do expeditions and excavations. Their goal is to get the DNA of new types of dinosaurs. You will have equipment that allows you to grow dinosaurs using their DNA. In addition, you can try genetic engineering, crossing the DNA of different types of dinosaurs to improve their characteristics. For example, you can increase the duration of their life or resistance to disease.


In addition, you will need to monitor the conditions of the existing dinosaurs, in particular, what kind of food they receive. Also you can change the landscape and plant different trees. When interacting with the world and among themselves, dinosaurs will be controlled by artificial intelligence. For example, they can attack representatives of competing species.

The ultimate goal of Jurassic World: Evolution is to create a high-end amusement park. Would you dare?


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