Developers of Fallout 76 are still hiding the release date



The other day Bethesda announced the release of the game, which was called Fallout 76. At this moment little is known about it. Most likely, initially it will be available on PC. We tried to collect as much information about this title as possible.

The plot of Fallout 76 is built around a shelter, created for the survival of people in the post-apocalyptic world. Its construction lasted from 2065 to 2069. It can accommodate five hundred people and is designed for twenty years of living without communication with the outside world. The source of energy here is a geothermal power plant and a small nuclear reactor.

For the first time this refuge was mentioned in the supplement to Fallout 3 – Mothership Zeta. It is mentioned in connection with the fact that during the inspection of the shelter aliens stole one of the inspectors. In addition, right before the nuclear war, radio host announces in the news release that the shelter will open its doors on July 4, 2076. The date is timed to coincide with the tercentenary of the United States.

Fallout 76 game



As mentioned above, 20 years after the lock of the asylum was blocked, it had to be opened. This probably means that the doors will just open, without possibility to lock it again.

October 23, 2077 is the date on which the beginning of nuclear war is assigned. Most likely, the door to the shelter # 76 will be closed on that day to open on October 23, 2097.

By the way, do you know what happened in 97 in the world of Fallout? John Mackson, the future High Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel was born. Maybe this fact will be somehow reflected in the game? Who knows.


As for the plot of the game, it is likely that it will be based on mastering the world after the disaster by those who survived in the shelters. After 20 years, representatives of the former world will remain alive. They have preserved knowledge of life in the external world. They will use their knowledge together with their descendants to build a new, wonderful world.

The release date of the game is not yet known. Probably, it will be announced at the press conference of Bethesda.


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