Agony: who wish to suffer on a grand scale


Fear and loathing

The game, released this year for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, plunges the player into the underworld. The developers believe that among other desires, a person has a wish to suffer. And they decided to satisfy this desire in full.

The protagonist of Agony is the soul of the sinner, who is forced to wander through the underworld, filled with all sorts of horrors, abomination and suffering. The soul has the ability to inhabit the bodies of other creatures of the underworld, including demons.

The game is notable for its unusual entourage, designed for an adult audience. It teems with images which evoke a sense of fear, disgust, or lust. The characters are either naked or barely dressed in rags. Demons arrange disgusting orgies, landscapes are sometimes even difficult to describe and remind you of someone’s entrails, or something worse.

The game received mostly negative reviews of critics: although reviewers highly appreciated the visual design of the game, the gameplay received extremely negative feedback.




The protagonist goes to hell, and in the game there is no explanation for what sins he went to the underworld. In hell, he meets many other creatures, in which he can move in order to continue wandering. The main goal of the hero is to find the mistress of the underworld. According to the plot of Agony, if the hero manages to impresses the demoness, she will save him.

On his way, the hero constantly contemplates the anguish of sinners. At every step they are tortured in a variety of ways. The area is dotted with half-decayed bodies, as well as bleeding limbs. All this causes a feeling of disgust. But you do not feel fear as such. The developers did not use here such reliable techniques as the unexpected appearance of a monster right before the hero.


In fact, the game is a pretty dull walk through the gloomy terrain. Sometimes a player has to solve simple puzzles in order to continue the journey. When the hero is in human form, he is absolutely defenseless and when he faces a danger he is forced to flee. When he gets into a demon, he finds a certain strength, but loses the opportunity to interact with the environment. Unfortunately, the situation does not change during the game.

Summarizing, Agony managed to cause an agiotage, but not the pleasure of the players.


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