The best sports games for PC

Football Manager 2018

Soccer players are cool. But the coolest is the person who stands behind them. This game turns you into a guru of football management. You start as a newbie and step by step become a pro who leads his team to victories. The level of your team grows with you – from amateurs to champions. New edition is as exciting as its predecessors. Moreover, it can boast even better graphics and some new features.

Echo Arena

While most of the computer sports games are based on reality, this one is completely fictional – from characters to entourage. With a team of two other players you will have to compete with robot-like opponents in zero gravity condition. The game gives you an idea and experience of how the sports of the future might look like. Good chance to break away from daily routine.

Rocket League

This game is one of the best in its category. Being first released in 2015 it still enthralls fans of virtual races. It gives you an opportunity to drive futuristic cars equipped with powerful rocket boosters and show your driving skills at impossibly high speed. You may choose one of the numerous cars and take part in breathtaking races. Vehicles are so fast that they are often catapulted into the air to perform incredible aerial stunts.

Rocket League

Mutant Football League

If football itself is just not enough for you, try mutant football. It combines furious pace of soccer match and fantasy. Instead of common human players, you are to control mutants and monsters. Despite the horrendous appearance and wild manners these creatures try to follow the rules. The game is easy to get into; it is full of peculiar sense of humor and is really a great fun.

Out of the Park Baseball 18

Baseball fans will surely appreciate this release, probably, one of the best in years. It is versatile and at the same time easy to navigate. Its structure and design are simple, accurate and comprehensible. It gives you incredible control over your team and variety of strategies to implement. For more diversity the game has three different modes: standard, retro and futuristic.

Out of the Park Baseball 18


For those who are tired of overcomplicated games, this one is a breath of fresh air. It has minimalist arcade-inspired design. You play using only a joystick and a button. Despite its hardcore simplicity it is really mind-blowing. Its creators managed to combine pretentiousness and surprising depth. This is just the case when simplicity impresses.



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