Best Simulation games on Steam

Cities: Skylines

This game gives you a great opportunity to try yourself as a town planner. The game starts with a little plot of land and a small stock of money. You will plan the building zones (residential, commercial, office, and industrial areas), map out and erect houses, build roads, organize the work of city services and public transport. The player also have to control such parameters as city’s budget, population, health, happiness, employment, environmental pollution (air, water and soil), traffic flow and other factors. You’ll also enjoy great perspective effect that will blur remote buildings.

Cities: Skylines

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The life of the track driver is full adventure. Euro Truck Simulator, especially its second version, will give you the opportunity to make sure of this. The gameplay is based on the technology of artificial intelligence. Thereby the game is very close to reality. The action is unpredictable and interactive. A computer brain not only observes the rules of the road, but also performs a number of tricks from real life. For example, the virtual driver can give you way when you take the main road. Before it he will flash the driving lights and slow down the speed.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is an open-world game created in the genre of survival. The action takes place in the wilds on the Pacific coast of Canada. The main character of the game is a pilot who survived a plane crash. His task is to hold out as long as possible in the wild. Player can observe such indicators as ambient temperature, the number of calories, the degree of saturation or hunger, fatigue and so on.

Kerbal Space Program

The action of this space simulator game takes place in a fictional universe. Player controls a team of aliens who are executing a certain space program. They have to design spaceships and aircraft, carry out research and scientific tasks. These may include the conclusion of the ship into orbit, soft landing on other celestial bodies, conducting of experiments, construction of an orbital station, delivery of an asteroid to its home planet etc. While doing this you should observe the orbital mechanics and aerodynamics laws.

Stardew Valley

Virtual farming lovers will appreciate this game, released by Chucklefish Games. At the beginning of the game, the player-controlled hero inherits an abandoned farm in the fictional Stardew Valley. The game does not set a specific task for the player, but offers a variety of activities: cultivation of different plants, taking care of them, raising livestock, extracting ore, and participating in the life of the neighboring town. During the game you’ll earn virtual money for the development of the farm.

Stardew Valley


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