Why are Retro Video Games so Popular These Days?

To answer this question, we need to understand why retro things themselves attract us. And here two explanations are possible: nostalgia and the charm of the past.

You will understand the first one, if you remember those times when video games have just begun to appear. You will be charmed by them, despite their primitiveness. After all, they remind you those carefree times, when the world seemed awesome.


Moreover, it is common for a human to feel nostalgia. The past often seems to be greater than the present. Psychologists call this phenomenon a complex of lost paradise. In one degree or another, everyone feels it. And games are no exception.

retro tetris

But it is not just about nostalgia. Do you remember what a great pleasure those first video games gave you? Although now they seem to be primitive, in the past they evoked a sense of wonder. We can experience this feeling once more. They give us opportunity to rest from the advanced graphics of new games. Paradoxically, these unpretentious games from the past – not the new ones – give us the feeling of a miracle.

Simplicity of old games is at the same time a drawback and a merit. After all, simplicity is one of the properties of perfection. It is much more difficult to capture imagination with minimal means. And the creators of the old games managed to do it. Remember how you were fascinated by Tetris or various arcade games.

They were so exciting that often the creators of new games deliberately copy the primitive retro aesthetics. And it is worth noting that new retro games are as popular as advanced versions. They give inveterate gamers an opportunity to rest from complex games with realistic graphics, special effects and other delights.

game tetris

In addition, retro games are preferred by those, who like minimalist style. Minimalism gives a sense of simplicity, which we appreciate the more, the older we become. Besides the mentioned Tetris, it is worth remembering such cult games from the past as Space Invaders, Day of the Tentacle, Chuckie Egg, Ms. Pac-Man, Paperboy, Donkey Kong and Pong. All of them are good in their own way. But one thing unites them: the sensation of a miracle that was so common in childhood, and which we really miss now.

Retro games have one more amazing feature. They cause the illusion of travelling through time. It feels as if you returned to the past. Great experience! It allows you to have an alternative look at the present, you almost feel the time flow and the value of life.


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