Should developers fix what ain’t broke?

Contrary to pieces of musical or cinema art, video games have at least one compelling reason for receiving a remake: with the industry development, games may look obsolete or provide a gaming experience far inferior to that of modern titles, while still containing profound ideas and interesting concepts. This is why revamping such titles can breathe a new life into forgotten works of gaming art. Familiarize yourself with our list of the most popular game remakes to learn about the titles, which technological improvements helped gain even more popularity.

1. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Owing to a high popularity of the original game released in 1998 for the PlayStation console by Konami, this action-adventure stealth title was remade for the more technologically advanced Nintendo GameCube platform in 2004. Featuring visual improvements, re-recorded voice-over materials, improved AI of the enemies and some new functions, the Twin Snakes’ gameplay was reshaped and reworked in the vein of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty gameplay style and mechanics.

2. Final Fantasy III

This is one of those lucky cases, which allowed a wide Nintendo DS audience to enjoy an installment of the legendary series. Besides the Final Fantasy III being a beautiful, complex and challenging RPG on its own, of course.

Final Fantasy

3. Super Mario Bros. 2

The original platform game (first developed as Doki Doki Panic title for Famicom Disk System and transformed into SMB 2 for an international release) owes its remarkable popularity to its simple yet amazingly fun gameplay, which led to its porting to SNES and Game Boy Advance consoles.

4. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

What would you possibly demand from an essential game released in the ‘90s that offered an ultimate arcade fighting experience? Even more lush visuals and online functionality? With this Xbox 360/PS3 remake, you have it all!Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

5. Tomb Raider: Anniversary

This, now more than 10-year old, anniversary release was a remade/reimagined very first game of the world-famous Tomb Raider series introduced to gamers in 1996. For the Anniversary remake, the developers used the game engine, which was a next step in the Tomb Raider Legend technology evolution, to recreate all of the original setting and environments seen in the first game about the intrepid Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

6. Space Invaders Extreme

As a good remake, the Extreme edition managed to preserve the essence and experience of the original game, yet add some new features that were impossible to implement at that time.

7. Punch-Out!!

Being one of the best boxing sports games released for NES, the Punch-Out!! was remade for the Wii console to make use of its more advanced yet simple to use controls to its success.

Punch-Out8. Myst: Masterpiece Edition

Take on the role of the Stranger once again and travel to the stranger still island of Myst using a magical book. This updated version of the hugely successful graphic adventure puzzle video game released in 1993 features images of the original game re-rendered in 24-bit color, enhanced sound effects and of course the unparalleled atmosphere of the original Myst.

Myst: Masterpiece Edition 9. Resident Evil

This remake of the original PS1 title uses a sure-fire way of making a good game by keeping the original suffocating atmosphere of horror and the gameplay intact, while enhancing some technical aspects. Now it’s up to you to make a way out of the zombie-infested mansion.

10. Donkey Kong ’94

A great example of a remake that resembles the original… first four levels. After that you encounter a twist you hardly expected and this Game Boy version just explodes with new features and game mechanics. An amazing experience!


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