Top android games

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

This online card game based on Warcraft the player is to collect his own unique set of cards. New cards can be either bought or received as a reward. At the same time, players try to reduce their opponents’ health points to zero. The rules of the game are fairly simple, while its gameplay is quite variable. In addition, many players appreciated the visual design and musical accompaniment.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

In this economic strategy, the player tries himself as the manager of the amusement park. In total, the game offers 21 scenarios. After passing each script, the following level opens. After the last scenario, you get to Mega Park, where you can construct buildings throughout the territory, at the same time, you’ll have limited amount of money. By the way, some scenarios are copies of real amusement parks. Definitely, one of the top android games.

The Room

All three games of this series are a real godsend for puzzle lovers. In each room, the player discovers a set of strange objects. To leave the room you’ll have to solve the riddle encrypted in these items. The further you advance, the harder the riddles become. To win the game you’ll have to solve all of them. The third edition of the game provides alternative endings. As for the graphics – It is still excellent and deserves all praise.


Top android games overview would be incomplete without this famous indie game. It is created in the genre of sandbox and has elements of survival simulator. The action takes place in an open world, which consists entirely of cubic blocks. The player is free to explore the world, extract all kinds of resources, build objects, and also to resist scoundrels. The game has no single purpose. The player himself decides what to do and how to equip his world. At the same time, the game provides various rewards for performing tasks. The game has day and night mode, though the day lasts only 20 minutes.

Dead Trigger 2

This is the continuation of a very successful shooter, in which you again have to exterminate the zombies – and try not to be exterminated by them. You can replenish your arsenal of weapons by performing various missions. Semidecomposed zombies, all objects in the game and special effects are very realistic. Graphics became even better than in the first release. The gameplay seems to be simpler but well thought out.


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