Top multiplayer games

What makes top multiplayer games great? Humans! Interaction with the players, who are controlling other characters, makes this type of games really enthralling. We’ve look through a mass of games in this format in order to pick the best ones.

Diablo III

Like the previous series, this game is made in the style of dark fantasy and tells about the struggle of the army of Heaven against the army of Hell. It consists of 5 acts; in each act you have to destroy monsters. Developers have provided each monster with about 35 death options. Thanks to an improved system of quests and a more diverse generation of underground tunnels, the game became even more intriguing. For performing the most difficult tasks the player can get a new kind of reward – so called achievement.


Among the top multiplayer games this series is one of the most unusual. It combines several genres and usually is attributed to step-by-step strategies. The gameplay is built around an endless battle of pink worms. Each worm belongs to one of several teams. All characters are armed with a variety of weapons. Each worm tries to inflict as much damage as possible to the worms of its rivals. When shooting, the terrain and the weather are taken into account.


This is one of the most famous top multiplayer games. Dota2 international competitions with multi-million dollar prizes attract millions of fans all over the world. The game involves two opposing teams.

Each team consists of five players. Each gamer controls one of the characters which has its own unique skills and manners. In addition, each hero can improve his abilities, as well as find objects that make him stronger. The goal of teach team is to destroy the headquarters of the enemy.

League of Legends

This is another super popular multiplayer game with international competitions and impressive prizes. In fact, gamers who play this game at the world level are recognized as professional athletes.

Like in Dota 2 it involves two teams, consisting of the characters with unique characteristics. It is worth noting that this game can not be completely passed like other similar games. It is constantly modified, players improve their skills, new modes and subjects are introduced. Therefore, each specific game is unique.


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