A Story of War

We all know of games, songs, or movies that are inspired by the previous piece. When a movie wins an Oscar award, the producers of this movie are likely to come up with another movie that borrows from their successful piece. This could be driven by demand from fans to try and make an explanation. Valiant Hearts is the source of inspiration for the 11-11: Memories retold. While the previous game from which 11-11 is borrowed rode on the success of telling parallel stories of a dangerous conflict, 11-11 is expected to do more than that. One of the additional things in this new game is the introduction of British and German soldiers.

11-11 Memories retold - Soldier

Whats 11-11

11-11 refers to the Armistice Day. The Armistice Day represents the day an agreement was signed between Germany and the allies to declare the end of World War I as Germany conceded defeat. It refers to the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. The armistice occurred exactly and 11 am as well thus going along with the theme of 11.  Based on this, the 11-11: memories retold game will be produced. 11-11: memories retold game will have unique features including animal companion. While the game borrows from World War 1, the game is not about war but rather about peace. Peace in the game is also shown by the presence of a pigeon and a cat in the game. These two animals are friendly to man and thus can be trusted.

The story Memories retold

11-11: Memories Retold follows a storyline of two people representing opposite sides of the war. Like what happens in the normal life, these two people had joined the war for very different reasons. A young photographer decides to leave Canada and join the Western Front in Europe. Since it is a story being told, it is worth looking at the decision made by the young man. He decides to engage in war only because he was promised glory. On exactly the same day, another man from the other end receives news a relative of him had gone missing while at the front. For the love of family, this man decides to go to and look for his relative despite the raging war. These two people decide to cross the paths and still remain alive. They do this for the love they have for their families or simply for the need to be glorified. On the 11th of November which is the 1th month and at exactly 11 am, the sides that each of these two represent is confronted by the need to come to an agreement that would see things normalize. While Kurt and Harry had different motives of being involved in the war, they are brought together by their common fate.

11-11 Memories retold - Man

Why the 11s

The 11s used to name the game are extremely crucial. They mark the time, day, and month where Germany and the allies finally came to an agreement to end the war. The 11s are, therefore, very meaningful. They show that this game is more about peace that it is about war. The 11s show that despite the prevailing conditions, good can be achieved if the will is there. A game that has World War I as its setting is not expected to be campaigning for peace. It is expected to be full combat affair with guns, destruction, and death being the main attributes. To the shock of gamers, the 11 games focus more on peace with introduction of animals related to peace being one of the main traits of the game.

11-11 Memories Retold Gameplay

War can never be good but in this case, despite war being hell, it turns out to be pretty as hell too. 11-11 Memories Retold is a game that tries to show what was happening from the two sides. It is not as bloody as other games get. While in an action game there is normally no time for theatrics, 11-11 allows for the young photographer to go ahead and take photos as the opponents are shooting right at them. An interesting thing about the game is that the world is presented as an oil painting. This makes the graphics appear blurred and can lead to the game being judged as being of low quality. Nevertheless, the game becomes very interesting as the story continues.

11-11 Memories retold - Soldier and gun

11-11 Memories Retold Review

The game has managed to bring an emotional side to a subject that can be said to be most inhumane. War leads to death, loss of property and dislocation of many. Despite all this, 11-11 manages to tell an emotional story revolving around war. The game is expected to be released a few days to November 11 giving people the chance to enjoy it on 11-11. The game is such that if you are not impressed by the story, the art style used will definitely interest you. The blurry effect due to the choice of art makes some objects to flicker when a character move past them. This game promises to those interested in wartime stories hell of a good time.


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