The game was to be released during winter 2018 and now that the date of release is declared the players have to wait till 26th February 2019. BlueByte have developed the game and it is published by Ubisoft. This is another game where you will be building your own city, cross the ocean and then expand to South America. Thus, a good gift to the PC gaming world where city building strategy gamers will love to play it along.

What is Anno 1800 all about?

Anno Series has gifted the gaming world with mesmerizing games of Anno 2205 and 2070, but in the latest one that is 1800 it takes you back to the past. Ubisoft are giving the players a glimpse of the Victorian era. The game is set in the backdrop of Industrial Revolution that occurred during the 19th century.

The game will revolve around industrialization and trade empires that spans over the world. There are big ships and other items that relates to that era.


The backdrop of the game will be different but the theme will be somewhat similar to the ones played earlier where you will need to establish successful trade routes along with your economic rivals. There can be sudden spouts of warfare that will make things more exciting and challenging.

Along with the traditional sandbox mode and multiplayer mode there will be a new story based campaign included in the Steam Anno.

What expectations are to be set?

While playing a game the most important thing is that whether it fulfills yours expectations? To set the expectation about the game the developers have given the description of the game. There they mentioned that it is all about the period when Europe was undergoing Industrial revolution. It was not only the time of diplomacy but also discovery. Players will be creating large metropolises and then they have to prove their skills as rulers of those places. Planning an effective logistics along with exploring and settling in new land will be of utmost challenge. They have to dominate their rivals in the game with diplomatic tricks, by trade and warfare.


They have also added that their players can expect a rich city building experience from the game that will come along with a story based campaign. Your progress in the game will be staged by the different strategies that you take. Whether you want to be an exploiter or renovator, a liberator or suppressor will depend upon how you strategize the game and how you progress.

The rich features of the game will help you set your expectations from it.

Anno take you to a new era

19th century is well-known as the time of industrialization, discovery and of course diplomacy and this game take you to that era. Anno Gameplay revolves around the rich features of this period that includes technological innovations, challenging allegiances and conspiracies. You as a player of Anno 1800 will act as the ruler who will get the perfect opportunity to showcase your skill while you build the huge metropolises or explore and settle in a new land. For this your logistics plans should be an efficient one otherwise it will be difficult to dominate your rivals over their own land. Whether its trade, warfare or diplomacy, you need to excel in every sphere.

A classic anno experience

Anno is not a new name in the gaming world and they have given a world class strategy gaming experience to the players. In the ‘1800’ too you will get the story based campaigns, the rich city building experience and the customizable sandbox mode. There will be the classic Anno multiplayer option available too. There will be certain features that returns with 1800 like the shippable trade goods, Individual AI opponents, multi session gameplay, randomly generated maps and so on.


Choose the best strategy to win

The progress of the game will depend upon how you lead it, it will be your strategy that will help you go ahead. You have to develop ones based on the situations that comes across. You have to fulfill the need of the inhabitants and for that numerous production chains must be developed. There must be profitable trade routes that will help you rise above your opponents.

Conclusion of Anno 1800

Ubisoft along with Blue byte not only promises to give a great gaming experience to the players but they have launched the Anno Union where the players can put in their suggestions. Based on those there may be new features added in the game. Thus, wait for the great game to hit your screen and start strategizing. The whole new world is in front of you to explore. Go ahead!


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