Tour de France 2018 is waiting for new winners


Steady, ready, go!

Quite a large but still independent studio Cyanide announced its new project – a sports simulator Tour de France 2018, which will be released digitally and on physical media as early as June 28. The game will be available for Xbox One and also for PS4. Personal computer users will traditionally receive an enhanced version with a large set of features.

Players in the Tour de France 2018 have to pass the whole distance of the legendary bike race, carefully monitoring their pace and endurance, using the optimal trajectories and correcting tactics if necessary. Also there is the career mode Pro Leader in the game. You will have the opportunity to lead the whole team to the success. In addition to the most important existing bike trails, there are also some historical ones in Tour de France 2018. In addition, the game has an online multiplayer mode for sixteen participants.


In this game you can create your own cyclist, which you will manage and lead to victories. Thanks to the career mode, your hero will gradually progress, improving his performance.

The developers tried to bring the game closer to a real race, the game is controlled by artificial intelligence, which reacts to what is happening in the game and, based on this, adjusts further events.


Manager Mode

It is worth noting that the game has the option Pro Cycling Manager 2018. It gives you the opportunity to try yourself as a manager of a whole bicycle team. In this role, you have to solve a number of tasks: buying cyclists, hiring a team of coaches and staff, negotiating with sponsors, scheduling, giving instructions. Your team will take part in the most important races of the world. Its success will depend on your decisions.

Tour de France game


Thus, you can try yourself in two positions: an athlete and a manager. Therefore, Tour de France 2018 is not only a sports simulator, it also has elements of a business strategy. This game provides an opportunity to explore the world of cycling racing from different sides – as a rider and as a manager. Thus, it makes the perception of this sport more voluminous: being a racer, you can look at yourself through the eyes of the manager and vice versa.


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