That the number of people who love playing games has been on the increase is an undeniable fact. Even among these games, action-oriented ones are liked by many gamers. The reason is that these games provide the thrill these folks like and enjoy the most. Not only that, these action-oriented games certainly keep their minds sharp as well.

Experts are also of the unanimous opinion that games of this type provide enough fodder for the creativity of people. When their minds work fast, the decision-making capabilities of these gamers improve to a great extent also. This will certainly have a positive impact on how they perform in their jobs as well as in their business tasks. That is one of the main reasons experts advise people to play such games whenever they find time. This strategy will do immense good for their growth, according to these experts.

Command and Conquer-Map Action

Among the action oriented games that are available now, the franchise of the Command and Conquer stands out because these games perfectly cater to the expectations of game lovers. Even a desultory peep into the history of this franchise will reveal that its debut on the PC happened in 1995. Since then, there has been a rapid increase in the number of fans for this game. Of course, there were a number of sequels as well as spinoffs during the period from its initial launch till now.

The new command and conquer game is coming back to mobile. Experts feel that this game that has been christened as Command and Conquer: Rivals, is almost similar to the original. In other words, the game is more like the desktop based predecessors. The balancing of forces as well as production of resources to combat the attacking enemy are happening as they used to happen on the original desktop based game.

In this present game, there will be two players opposing each other. They will be on opposite sides of a centrally kept missile silo and will be attempting to destroy each other’s base. As in the previous versions, these rival players can either play as the GDI or as the Brotherhood of Nod. They will be using unique moves of superior quality such as setting auto-turrets and zapping remote targets using a laser cannon for opposing their rivals and for defending their platforms.

Command and Conquer-Soldier

Every match will last only for a few minutes and the goal of every match is to take over the control of the most part of the three platforms that surround the missile silo. Once a player takes control of two platforms or more than that at the time of launch of the missile, the missile will detonate and destroy the base of the opponent. If a player strikes the opponent’s base twice, he wins the match.

Is this easy?

Though this all sounds easy, in reality, it is very much difficult thanks to the frantic pace at which these matches have to be played. All the Tiberium reserves a player may be in possession of for funding the production and maintenance of his troops as well as his vehicles may deplete. So, the player has to keep replenishing these reserves so there will be no need for him to spend the precious first quarter-hour of the matches towards mining adequate minerals for continuing his combat. The players must also keep sending grunts and their mechanized infantry at a great speed so they can keep attacking their opponents or defending their silo platforms, or focusing on both the tasks simultaneously.

A free-to-play game.

EA is infusing micro-transactions and is working on minute details to make the game likable. It is learned that more powerful and diverse units will be made available as well. It is also understood that everything that can be bought can be earned via grinding. The details of the rates are still not clear.

Command and Conquer-War

The overall opinion of experts is that this game is decent in all respects despite a few compromises that have been made in the complexity as well as in the depth of its desktop predecessors. Perhaps, the intention of the developers is to streamline the experience a mobile gameplay can provide.

Release details.

It is reliably learned that this free-to-play, one-versus-one, competitive mobile game will initially be released on iOS and Android and iOS. The command and conquer rivals release date will be December 4, 2018.


The details of the game were revealed at EA Play 2018. During the event, a live demo showing the command and conquer rivals gameplay was also offered. A pre-alpha version was also released and put up on Google Play during the event. It is again Greg Black, who had relentlessly labored on designing a number of Command & Conquer games, who will be designing the combats on this game.

Command and Conquer-Army


The game received wide criticism from various quarters because it is now a mobile game, instead of being a strategy game that is played real-time. Michael Martinez, General Manager of Redwood Studios,  has quickly responded to these criticisms by emphasizing that his team will hopefully bring out a very good strategy game that can be played real time on mobile platforms. He has come out with elaborate explanations as well for requesting game lovers to give this mobile game a fair chance.


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