Crackdown 3: Developers present something new


Crackdown 3 is the next part of the popular third-person shooter. This time the players, who are in the role of agents, will go to New Providence, which is captured by corporate psychopaths. Heroes will be able to arm themselves with the latest technology, jump over buildings and even throw trucks at enemies. What is more, a multiplayer mode for 10 people will offer you a completely destructible arena.

The game provides complete freedom of your actions, so you can develop lawlessness. The main feature of the game is destruction. Destroy everything around, any buildings with the help of what you have. Cloud technology will allow players to raze any building to the ground easily. It’s worth noting that the possibilities will be cut down in a single game mode.

In a new game you can observe changes in mechanics and a new ability – a reactive jerk that allows you to feel the hero better and easier control him in the jump. Developers talk about other things as well. First, we are promised a huge and open to the study metropolis. It is much larger than the one that has been in the second part. Secondly, there must be a flying transport.




The date of release

For the first time Crackdown 3 was presented to the public at E3 2014. The developers enthusiastically talked about the excellent graphics of the new generation in the traditional cel-shading effect.

Special attention was paid to the technology of cloud computing Microsoft Azure, designed to remove the load from the console processor. It provides the total destructibility of locations. Sumo Digital, the authors of the project, assures that it is possible to tear the entire metropolis apart in real time without lags. And all this is available for the Xbox One.

Initially, the release was planned in 2017. At the recent E3 conference they announced the appearance in February 2019. Unfortunately, many fans of Xbox One games lose the interest to this game. It would be very exciting for 2015. During this period the technology has grown and many similar games have appeared.

Of course, there are all chances that the game still surprises you and those who are waiting for it for 4 years. Besides, there is not so much of a choice of exclusive games on Xbox.


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