What do we know about Darksiders III?


Darksiders – Take 3

In the long-awaited continuation of the Darksiders series, players will be able to try on the role of Fury, the heroine, who fights against evil with the help of a whip and magic. Fury is one of the Four Horsemen. Developers describe her as “unpredictable and mysterious.” The first two games introduced us to other members of the legendary four (War and Death), and the new character fits perfectly into the current concept.

Darksiders III is positioned as “a game with an open, lively world and a high level of freedom.” To defeat the seven deadly sins, you will have to master all the skills of Fury. The videos and screenshots that are available today confirm the fact that the threequel inherits the characteristic graphic style of the previous franchise games.



The history of Darksiders has always been curious in terms of design. Initially, THQ positioned the game as a hack’n’slash action-adventure with elements of Gothic horror. The second part developed many elements of the original.

Both games were warmly received by critics and players. After the elimination of THQ, the Darksiders franchise was considered one of the most valuable acquisitions for potential buyers. This is not surprising, given the popularity that the series has won among gamers.

Now the game is developed by THQ Nordic. It will be quite interesting to see whether a new developer will be able to realize the huge potential of the game.


New features of Darksiders

Talking to reporters and journalists, representative of Gunfire Games company D. Adams (former CEO of Vigil Games) commented on the creation of Darksiders III.

He, in particular, assured that the developers focus mainly on the gameplay and want to make it as interesting as possible. The plot, of course, should also be interesting, but Darksiders III is not a game where the plot scenes will be shown every 20 minutes. Players are not going to be overstrained the story content.

The developer also mentioned the complaints of fans about Darksiders II. Some role-playing elements in this game seemed imperfect. Representatives of the studio believe that they found a way to satisfy fans in the third part of the franchise.

Darksiders III will be released on November 27, 2018 simultaneously on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


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