This game is played from the perspective of a biker who happens to be present among zombies. This thriller game’s story and graphics go hand in hand. The videos of its gameplay are out on youtube and are getting millions of views. People have seen the first released video of the game from 2016 over and over again. Everyone is waiting patiently for this game to be out so as to get indulged in the gameplay and fulfil their urge. This is going to be the first home console game by Bend Studios after 2010.

Days Gone - Zombie

Story of Days Gone

The story revolves around the protagonist who is one of the few humans left. The humans have become refugees in the wild and are living in their self created safe zones. The time after two years of attack by “freakers” who have turned millions of people into Cannibals who eat human flesh.

Release Postponed Twice

Scheduled to be released in 2018, the days gone release date got postponed to February 2019 the first time. Later on 19th October Sony announced that the game would be released in April instead of February. Speculations about the delay are that there are big games releasing in January, February and March respectively. January is going to see the awaited game of Capcom Resident Evil 2 Remake. While the game titled Anthem is going to release in February. March is going to see the release of Capcom’s yet another creation the Devil May Cry 5. The release of “Resident Evil 2 Remake” alone may have pushed the dates of release. As both these games are zombie based. The makers must have postponed the dates so as to give time and space to the gamers to move on. Preoccupancy of gamers would surely have affected the game if it was released on the scheduled date. This has also given the makers almost a period of two months to brush up the game even more. We hope that the days gone release date 2019 would be 26th April 2019 as announced.

Days Gone - Biker and Friend

Reaction of Gamers

Reaction of Gamers to this game has been all positive while to the two postponements has been sad. The immensity of positivity in gamers can be seen. It is a fact that after even two delays in the release the urge to play this game has only increased. Gamers have been posting about this game and the story related to it. This game has consistently been a topic of discussion in the comment sections of many gaming blogs. People are excited for its release date to arrive. Gamers have become very impatient and are narrating their fan theories. Even video reactions about this game are out on youtube. Gaming Bloggers are writing all about this game that there is to know. One thing that any gaming blogger who has posted about it has not done is not complain about the postponement. But towards the end their reaction as well was full of excitement towards the release scheduled in April.

Days Gone Gameplay

The game is going to be rich in quality of graphics and narratives. It is going to be released for Play Station 4, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Deacon is going to be the protagonist who can carry two fire weapons at a time. The game is going to be played from a third person perspective. There are going to be knives and axes available too.  The bike would serve as place of ammunition storage and can be accessed as and when necessary. The fuel in the bike would be limited and it would require filling up at regular intervals. The bike would be customizable to make sure it perfectly suits the kind of days gone gameplay you want.

Days Gone - Zombie Attack

The weather would have an effect on the gameplay. Rain means sloppy roads and less friction for the bike to stop. The night would be the time of freakers, they’ll be more powerful and destructive. Snow would help you hide easily but on the other hand increase the strengths of the freakers. There would be areas with hundreds of man eaters and there would be areas with only one or two. The animals like bears might also turn out to be dangerous enemies. The approach to playing the game would completely open to the player. He/she can choose an attacking or a defensive approach towards the game. The decisions taken once might have an effect on the near future. Like choosing the way a person at fault dies, whether you them or just throw them over to the man eaters. Everybody has kept their fingers crossed about this game as they want to just start playing it already. Expectations of everyone from this game are high and the time has the answer to the expectations of people.


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