Preorder for Everspace™ – Stellar Edition has started


The developer of the game, the company Rock Fish Games reported a joyful news for all owners of PS4. The new version of Everspace™, designed for this console, is already waiting for your pre-orders. The game will cost € 39.99 or £ 32.99.

Everspace™ is one of those games that was created thanks to a successful campaign at Kickstarter. This is a dynamic 3D shooter, created in the style of cosmic wars. Players go on an exciting journey, they have to go through a huge number of levels and battle with a variety of enemies, including bosses. The action takes place in an incredibly picturesque entourage.

The first thing that catches your eye is a magnificent picture. Light, reflections, shadows, effects and surroundings are amazing. The cosmos looks fantastic, but at the same time it’s quite natural.

But you will not have time to look at the landscape, as the enemies are on the alert. The Hardcore mode deserves special attention; this is an additional challenge for the most experienced fans of the game.



Michael Schade of Rock Fish Games noted that the initial game is already played by about half a million gamers around the world. And the release of Everspace™ – Stellar Edition for the PC4 console is another step in the popularization of the game. He believes that his company managed to create a unique type of game that quickly captivates, keeps players in constant tension and allows you to experience very diverse emotions.

The game is an interesting mixture of roguelike style, elements of space exploration, and easy to master action mechanics.


It is worth noting that Everspace™ – Stellar Edition has both a base part and an additional one called Encounters. The latter adds to the gameplay a dozen hours, introduces new quests, and also expands the geography of the action. In particular, additional space stations will be at your disposal. They will give you opportunity to upgrade your battle ship, and, if you need, to repair it. In addition, you have the opportunity to use one more space ship. Thus, the total number of ships increases to four. The new ship is a medium-class aircraft, well equipped with the most diverse and sophisticated weapons. In addition, you have access to various devices, as well as materials needed to repair the ship. Another useful feature of this extension is the possibility to use a special protective shield in case you fall under intense enemy fire.




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