Fear the Wolves is not that scary


Danger is everywhere

The Royal Battle in Chernobyl? It sounds weird. But in the virtual world reality and fiction has long been mixed. The same opinion is shared by Vostok Games, which previously created the popular game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Now it presents to your attention the online shooter Fear the Wolves, created in the popular genre of “royal battle”.

Players in teams or alone find themselves in a Chernobyl contaminated zone. As the format of the game presupposes, players will have to fight to the last character. In total, up to 100 people can participate in the game.

However, this is not the only problem. To survive, players will have to worry not only about the enemies: they should be ready for deadly anomalies, dynamic weather change and mutation of creatures. In addition, the game will have a change of day and night. All this will encourage players to adapt the strategy of the game.



How to defend yourself

The role of the base weapon in Fear the Wolves is performed by the fire ax, you will have to look for more powerful weapons on the map, avoiding radioactive traps, as well as meetings with other players and wolf mutants. By the way, wolves will act as an additional motivator for searching for a powerful weapon, as it will not be possible to get rid of them with bare hands and basic weapons.

In the game you will have access to a couple of dozen types of firearms, about the same number of attachments and types of armor. In addition, in Fear the Wolves you will find many off-road vehicles – old, but suitable for use. They will help you quickly leave dangerous areas.

As the radioactivity increases, the player will have to take care to find a gas mask and a chemical protection suit in time – this will not only protect him from losing his health, but will also allow him to get into the most dangerous zones where one can find the most powerful weapon. It is interesting that the narrowing of the zone due to the increase in radiation will be “uneven and unpredictable,” and there are no completely safe places on the map at all.


A little intrigue

Also, the developers promised another original game mode, which, they said, will open new opportunities in this genre. But the details of this special regime are kept secret. A full release of the game on the PS4, PC and XBox will take place only in 2019.


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