Main news about FIFA 19: Cristiano in Juventus!



Since the FIFA simulator reflects the football realities, the main news of the football world affect it dramatically. So, a significant change occurred in FIFA 19: Cristiano in Juventus now! It is interesting how this event will affect the popularity of football clubs. Will Juventus now have more followers? In addition to this historic event, other, less global, but still important changes have taken place in the game, which have already become known.



Active Touch System

The innovative system considerably improve the way the ball is received and processed – it gives absolute control and greater smoothness of movements, providing possibility for the player to show his individuality. The system of taking a ball has been redesigned by adding a hidden touch, popping the ball for a strike on the fly and even a separate animation for such tricks as Neimar’s feint, with which you will always be ahead of the rival.



Tactics Options

The revised tactical approach allows the football player to use various tactical tricks, perform improved pre-match changes, and gives greater freedom in choosing options during the game. Each tactical choice takes into account tactical schemes, mood, attacking or defensive style of the game and gives you the opportunity to adapt the game to each specific situation.



Now the user’s reaction and player characteristics determine the result of the match. Due to the improved intelligence of teammates, as well as their ability to find space, every single combat matters in the struggle.


The moment to strike

The system of choice of the moment for the hit brings control to a new level – now you determine how accurate the hitting will be. You can hit the ball at the right time by double pressing the strike button. The accuracy and moment of the second pressing of the button effects the result of the hit. When you do it at the right moment, the strike is stronger and more precise; on the other hand, untimely attacks will most likely not hit the target. Whether it is a strike from outside the penalty area, a goal kick or a blow after touch, due to the mechanism of choice of the moment of strike, a new opportunity of control appears.

The game will be released in September on all platforms, including consoles and PC.


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