Dark Souls™: Remastered is highly praised

In general, both players and critics highly appreciated the quality of Dark Souls ™: Remastered. First of all they mentioned improvements in graphics and visual effects. For example, the light that comes from the torch fire became more realistic – alive and pulsing. Also they were impressed by the sun’s rays making their way through the clouds. The fog has become more voluminous and tangible. Lava remained as bright, but became less glaring. In general, the elements in all their aspects look much more convincing. The characters were also improved somewhat. Their weapons and clothing have become more detailed.

But the main feature of Dark Souls ™: Remastered is high frame rate in all scenes and impressively high image resolution. While n computers, the frame rate was high earlier, the consoles owners receive the opportunity to enjoy a higher level of comfort for the first time. Now they have the opportunity to play with a resolution of 720p. The frame rate on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is thirty frames per second, sometimes decreasing to ten frames. At the same time, on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro you can count on a stable 60 frames per second.



However, in Dark Souls ™: Remastered, there were some shortcomings too. Some locations are flawless, but other objects have a somewhat primitive texture. By the way, some textures were created by enthusiastic players. And they turned out weak.

There have been some changes in the gameplay, too. Thanks to these changes, the process playing became more convenient. For example, useful items in the game became more clear and easier to find. Inscriptions are also better visible than before. On the other hand, you can reduce the size of the interface elements if you find that they take up too much space. Improved multiplayer now allows not four, but six players to play at the same time.


Dark Souls is a well-known in the game community role playing game with the open world. The game takes place in a place reminiscent of Europe in the Middle Ages. The inhabitants of the kingdom were turned into living dead. The task of the main character is to overcome the curse.

You’ll have to explore the territory, search for different objects and fight enemies, including powerful bosses. In battles you can use both close and long-range combat. For the first, you have a whole arsenal of techniques and weapons. For the second, magic is used.


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