This is a game timed in the after war period of the 1920s. It is a real time strategy (RTS) war game which allows you to strategise your tactics in the real time. It allows you to lead the command and has an engaging story around it. Arms and ammunitions are going to be a part of the job. Tanks and weaponries are going to bring out the war hero from inside you. There are ultra heavy war machines that will boost your confidence make you want to acquire more. This game would make you want to be the next iron harvest alpha. The things you must know about this war game are listed below.

Iron Harvest - Gun

The Real Time Strategy Game

It is speculated to be one of the best Real Time Strategy Game. This would test out your individuality and the way your mind functions in crisis. It allows you to lead the troops and strategically approach the target. Whether you plan to have an attacking approach or stealth approach totally depends on your plan. It is a war game and everything is fair in a love game and a war game. The only important part to be concerned about is how to strategise your moves. You need to understand the importance of your soldiers as well as ammunitions. As a commander you are the one responsible for the lives of your men. You can even be taken into custody by the enemies as prisoners of war. All you need to do is plan strategically and make your next move. You can get out of that prison if your plan works and you can plan yet another attack thereafter.

Iron Harvest - Soldiers

The Era of 1920s

The era of 1920s as described in the game is a time period after war. Farmers in the countryside find heavy war machines, bullets, unexploded ordinance, and barbed wires. They also find shrapnel and other weapons while ploughing their field. They start calling the all the iron found while ploughing the Iron Harvest. It hasn’t been revealed yet by the developers but the troops had already left the countryside. So maybe it is going to be these farmers who are going to form their own army. They are equipped with weaponry, heavy war machines, the arms and the ammunitions that they ploughed out of the field. They also happen to have many young men in their locality. All these can definitely help form an army to end the war of wars.

The World of 20th Century

The Great World War has ended and Europe is trying to recover and get back on the track. While there are forces and minds working in a mysterious way. Technology is at its advancement while Science has been busy making inventions. The destroyed cities are gathering its pieces and efforts are being made to rebuild the cities. But the countryside has something else in its mind and is harvesting Iron. The world is again at a verge of war.

Iron Harvest - Bridge and Robots

The Three Empires


It is an empire with rich cultural heritage and a glorifying history. The primary profession of large number of people is agriculture. It has become difficult for this empire to defend its territory from the neighbouring empires. From the east Rusviet has invaded its territory while from the west the empire of Saxony is trying to invade. Now it has started a campaign to build a modern army.

Saxony Empire

It is an empire of good influence with a strong armed force. This empire has already gone through the days of urbanisation and modernisation and has well developed cities and industries. But it has some unhealed war wounds from the previous war where it had to surrender. Now everybody in the cabinet is humiliated and wants an excuse to take their minds of this humiliation.


This empire is highly populated and has the largest military force which is very strong. This empire also has the highest economy because of many industries and exports to other empires. The only drawback is that the emperor’s power is decreasing every day.

Iron Harvest - Robots

What to Expect?

This war game is going to give an experience of living in a war and surviving through it. The historic fictional plot gives an opportunity to live it like a movie as the protagonist. The interface and graphics are speculated to be very impressive. It is expected to be the best war game with Real Time Strategy (RTS). If you have been looking for iron harvest demo, you won’t find it. The iron harvest release date is not confirmed, but it is announced to be released in 2019. Releasing in 2019 makes one of the many games that people are going to be eagerly waiting for. This game would definitely have better chances of getting accepted by most people and specially gamers. This game is supposedly one of its kinds and that is going to be its USP over other games.


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