Why should gamers play games and more particularly, action as well as adventure oriented games on a frequent basis? If you look at the state of affairs that is prevalent today, you will find that it is a battle of wits that is going on in every field. This means that if you want to remain unaffected by the evil designs of others, you must have the right type of wit or intelligence using which you can topple their plans and come out victorious.

But how to acquire that type of wit or intelligence? Though there are a number of methods for achieving this aim, playing games regularly can yield the most effective results, that too quickly. Even among the games that are available now, the Just Cause series can easily be construed as the most unique and the most effective because these have the potential to quickly enhance great attributes such as wit and intelligence in gamers.

Just Cause 4-Fly

Who are the developers of this game?

It is Avalanche Studios that has developed this game and Square Enix are publishing it. This action as well as adventure game is the fourth in a series known as Just Cause. In fact, it is the sequel to Just Cause 3 that was released during 2015.


As far as Just Cause 4 gameplay is concerned, it was shown during the press event held by Square Enix in E3 2018. Those who viewed this gameplay opined that it offered a better view and look of the weather system that was shown in the teaser released by Microsoft during their press conference.

The game, the latest of the open-world franchise of Avalanche, focuses on player creativity as well as massive destruction. The game mainly has additions such as extreme weather conditions like blizzards, lightning, tornadoes, and sand-storms. Some of the new vehicles on the game are car transporters and wrecking balls. Gamers who choose to play the game will have the capability to make use of more boosters and grapples for causing more severe and goofy mayhem, for binding enemies and vehicles together, and for sending or throwing them into the vast expanse of the sky.

Just Cause 4-Baggi

The game is a great power tool.

Experts opine that the game has always possessed the potent of being a  sandbox as well as a power tool. There are huge possibilities for gamers for wrecking untold destruction and havoc. From all these, It appears as though the developers have rewired the entire game suitably for this purpose. In fact, the game consists of a tornado as well.

Earlier, the developers used to keep on adding and upgrading the game and this is the first time they are installing an APEX engine, that consists of actual wind, new animation systems, and most importantly, physics-based rendering.

Players can stick balloons to their targets using a geared device made of metal. The balloons inflate immediately after the impact and will lift even cars, giant-size shipping crates, and of course, bad guys and send them or throw them into the sky. Experts are of the firm opinion that the game has the most impressive physics system.

Just Cause 4-Shooting

The hero in the game is Rico Rodriguez. The story revolves mainly around Gabriella, who is the leader of an organization called the Black Hand. Gamers will feel as if they are facing firing from every direction. Then comes the tornado that consists of weather events such as blizzards, lightning storms, sandstorms, etc. Everything including the debris, the cars, passengers and jetliners will get sucked up by and into this powerful tornado.

While the hero wants the tornado to enter the capital city, the Black Hand tries to prevent this from happening. During this battle of wits, it is destruction all the way, with the tornado ripping away even the bridges. But in the midst of all this, gamers can be happy and can enjoy every event that takes place in the game.

Even the developers admit that there were shortcomings in the previous versions and that they want to eliminate all of them. This approach seems to have paid them off suitably.

Release Date.

December 4 will be the release date of the game. The release will be for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Though the release date is not far away, people who have a fascination for this series are waiting with bated breath because they are aware that this game is going to be a real action-oriented game that will enhance their wit levels optimally. They are also aware that with such wit levels, they can accomplish great things in life including surmounting the obstacles that come their way.

Just Cause 4-Bike

Further, a number of players have already started rushing to grab the Just Cause 4 steam because they hate delays in enjoying the thrill of playing this game. Even novices who have never played such games are vying with each other for buying this game because they know that playing this game will be an easy way to acquire the skills that are required for out-smarting their opponents, regardless of the field in which they operate.


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