Meet Mario Tennis Aces


A new sports game with the participation of Mario and his friends will be released on June 22. You can choose one of the sixteen characters that you already know from the Super Mario series. The game is similar in style to previous releases, but it has a new mechanics that allows players to perform various tennis tricks. Due to the variety of strikes, tennis matches are as realistic as possible and look like real tournaments.

Also there are some interesting control opportunities for players in Mario Tennis Aces. For example, you can use the precise aiming option in the desired zone. It is very difficult to resist such a shot. If the opponent tries to beat him, his racket can get damaged and even break. To repulse such a strike without damage, you need to use a special blow, which is called block.

Mario princess


Another technique that you can use is the zone speed mode. When you opt for it, all events in the game slow down, while your character continues to move at a normal speed. Of course, all these fantastic abilities will cost you energy. Your energy reserve is not infinite, and you will have to replenish it during the game, earning an “energy gauge”. Energy is replenished through the successful execution of some tricks.


The ability to instantly move to the place where the ball should land can also be attributed to the super abilities of the characters. But it is important to correctly calculate the time, the chance to make mistakes is high enough. You also have a so-called “special shot” at your disposal. But to take advantage of it, you must have the maximum amount of energy. This shot is so powerful that it inevitably breaks the opponent’s racket. However, this shot can also be opposed by the block. If you prefer to play without any tricks, then you can choose a simplified mode.

As in most modern video games, Mario Tennis Aces has a multiplayer mode. So you can compete online with other players. Moreover, in this mode some additional features will be available, for example a new sports form. And finally, in addition to the matches themselves, the game has a story format. So you will not be bored. Ready for the tournament?


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