Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition is available


Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition is the most complete edition of this title, based on the popular board game produced by Games Workshop.

Unlike previous series, in Deathwing developers decided to change the format of the turn-based strategy to a shooter with tactical battles. Players control one of the warriors from the elite division and participate in the fateful events of the fantastic universe.

The game takes place in the narrow corridors of the space wanderer – a desert Gothic ship-cathedral. According to the plot, the terminators are sent to the island to clean it from one of the most dangerous breeds of monsters. During the game, the character obtains new abilities and gets more efficient equipment for the hot battles.


Space wanderers drift along the intangible space of Chaos. It consists of giant asteroids of strange shapes, destroyed stations, ships and all kinds of debris, which are sometimes so great that they can be compared in size with some natural satellites of the planets. The more successful you are fighting the enemies, the more you gain experience points, which in turn will help you in future battles.

As in many games of this genre, here futuristic technologies are whimsically intertwined with the magical practices of antiquity. The game has a cooperative mode, supporting up to four players.

Streum On Studio considerably expanded the initial version. Game developers have introduced such innovations as a one more type of characters, an updated set of weapons, new class of monsters, as well as a system of network settings. In the game, players will find new types of equipment and weapons, as well as new devices for various purposes.


In addition, the developers noted that in Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition, they tried to solve many of the deficiencies that were observed in the original version. Updates are designed to solve such problems as an annoyingly low frame rate, image stability problems, because of which it was more difficult to conduct battles. Also, players marked too long periods of matches, slow loading and not very user-friendly interface. By the way, all owners of the old version of the game will be able to get all these updates for free. Well, we hope that the improved version of the game will be more favorably received by both players and critics.



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