MotoGP 18 is at the start



The Italian company Milestone, known for its racing games, launches the long-awaited MotoGP 18 in June. The title will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, personal computers, and after a while for Switch. Players are expecting the new game of the series impatiently. In fact, MotoGP 18 – according to the developers – is a qualitatively new product, which can give experience of a new level to the fans of the races. According to their assurance, this will be the most realistic game of all, ever released by the company.



To achieve an unprecedented realism, developers used Unreal Engine, well-proven technology in the game world which makes graphics and visual effects as close to life as possible. Motorcycles have become virtually indistinguishable from the real ones – they are traced to the smallest detail. Movement, damages and other physical nuances are brought to perfection. Racers are also extremely realistic. By the way, bikers are copied from real champions, for this complicated scanning technology was used. The developers tried to achieve an ideal similarity – up to the small facial features and facial expressions.

The game has 19 racing tracks – all of them were also copied from the real routes in Thailand. To accurately recreate them, scanning by drones was applied.


From the start

The developers also did their best to attract new fans to the game. In particular, they provided various training options and hints for beginners. However, these tips will also be useful for experienced riders – to improve their performance.

To give you the opportunity to grow and develop, the game has a career mode. You can start from the simplest level and, in case of good results, reach the most prestigious championships. During the game, you can also improve your motorcycle. By the way, the game features six of the most prestigious brands of motorcycles.


Summarizing the above, we can say that MotoGP 18 allows you to bring the game extremely close to real experiences of the racers, making their way from beginners to world champions.

The release of the game is scheduled for June 7 for most platforms, except Switch. Holders of the latter will enjoy the game a little later.



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