Monster Hunter: World conquers the game world


The hunt has begun

The game is available both for those who prefer the PC format, and the owners of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In Monster Hunter: World, the player tries on the role of a hunter who hunts down and kills monsters, and then makes from their fangs, claws, skins and other parts weapons and equipment, that will give opportunity to fight even more fierce creatures. The cycle is repeated many times, until the player collects the raw materials to create all the things he needs.

In addition, luck is of great importance here: raw materials falling out of monsters, has a different degree of rarity, so you’ll have to searched special items for a long time. The game, of course, has a cross-cutting plot, which is shown in the form of a series of pathetic clips. But let’s be honest: any turn in the end leads to another battle with the monster.



Danger at every turn

Each monster uses several types of attack (from which you need to learn to dodge) as well as weak sides, where you should aim. You can chop of some parts of the body (most often the tail) to get an additional reward.

Many monsters can spit poison and burn a hunter, so when you first meet the enemy, you must be especially careful and be protected with armor. Fights with monsters are similar to battles with bosses in similar adventure and role-playing games, where the hero has to “dance” around a huge enemy.


However, the battles in Monster Hunter: World have one feature. While in the majority of such games (as well as in the previous parts of the series) the fights with bosses take place in small arenas, here you will have to fight in vast locations, where you can find both useful items for hunting and new dangers. Monsters do not stand still: after receiving a noticeable loss, they escape, to later give the hunter a rebuff in the open area, or, conversely, hide in the den, where it is more difficult for a hunter to avoid their attack. The monsters are clever enough to use the environment for their own benefit: they can climb to the hill and jump on the hunter from above or, for example, pile around in the mud to make their already thick skin ever stronger.

However, hunters can also use various tricks. For example, lure a monster into a thick creeper, where it becomes entangled.


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