The Fog of War is hanging around


The Second World War often inspires developers to create exiting computer games. Fog Of War for PC is one of them. This is a multiplayer online shooter, designed for 100 users (50 on each opposing sides).


What awaits you

You will participate in this large-scale historical event, fighting with the enemy in the most diverse terrain, using various tactics and weapons. The developers tried to convey the atmosphere of real war. In addition to the battles themselves, you will have to solve a lot of related tasks: change the dislocation, develop an action plan, capture strategic objects, build shelters and so on.

Fog Of War offers players a large selection of weapons, including tanks, anti-tank guns and mortars. Also you can choose one of several classes of characters. All events take place on a huge area of ​​25 km2. Since the plot of the game is based on the events of the Second World War, you will have to play either for fascist Germany, or for the Soviet Union. The game provides a change of day and night, as well as various weather conditions.

Fog of War - Tank


Tips for passing

Among character classes, we advise starting with an infantryman or a stormtrooper to better understand the principle of playing in Fog Of War. By the way, the infantryman and the stormtrooper are the best classes for urban conditions. In the role of stormtrooper you will often have to shoot without a sight – every moment of delay can cost you life in battles on city streets.

At the beginning of the game it’s better to be closer to the rest of the players – you will have more chances to survive. In addition, after all, Fog Of War is a team game.


If you still find yourself far from comrades in arms, try to explore the terrain, remember the location of objects, try to think about how you can use all of them in combat. In order not to get lost, look at the map more often.

Use grenades only in case of emergency – there is a limited amount of them in the game, and you can not replenish stocks, because the game does not provide stores which are common in other popular shooters.

After the infantry and stormtroopers you can try yourself in the role of a mortar gunner, artilleryman or tankman. Also, if you like to shoot from cover, try yourself as a machine gunner or a sniper.

Let the best win!


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