Prey: Mooncrash. How to escape from a satellite


Everything changes

There is nothing good in the crash. Especially if the accident happened on the moon. Especially if the moon is inhabited by hostile creatures. The protagonist of Prey: Mooncrash found himself in such an unpleasant situation. The new series will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

The developers left the gameplay unchanged. But now the circumstances in which the events will occur are going to change constantly. Every time after the hero’s death, you return to the starting point. However, in every new adventure you have to deal with new enemies, traps and all sorts of functional objects. Thus, every time the environment and its inhabitants will be generated randomly.



Way to victory

In addition to the main character, in Prey: Mooncrash you can control other heroes. Each of the characters has a unique set of skills that you can improve. You will need these abilities to defeat local monsters, which, by the way, have become even more dangerous and unpredictable.

To defeat numerous enemies, you will need weapons, various magical items, as well as wits. Do not overestimate your abilities and try not to involve in too dangerous battles. And also do not forget to update your abilities – by the way, the character’s skills remain after restart.

In addition to useful items, you will come across drawings and useful resources that will help you make different objects yourself.


Mission Possible

The main goal – the escape from the moon – will consist of several intermediate tasks. In the first room, you will need to take your main weapon – the gun, as well as find the drawings and the adjustable wrench, which you will use later. Also in the game, you will come across magic gates that you can unlock using your abilities or a special kind of weapon.

One of the main tasks of the hero is to gain access to the terminal of the secret base. In this room, you will have to fight with several kinds of hostile creatures. In addition, you will need to explore the crater and find new weapons there.

On your way to freedom, you will also need to descend to the ground. But first look for a neuromod – it will allow you to use a kinetic explosion against the most dangerous enemies.

There are several missions in the game. To win, you need to pass them all.


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