Crime to be solved: Project Pastorate


The first thing to say about this game which was recently released for PC is that its author is a writer who have published several novels and decided to try himself in a new field. Therefore, it is not surprising that the plot of the game is one of its strengths. The creators paid special attention to the text component of this release. However, the texts and dialogues do not prevent the game from being sufficiently dynamic and exciting.

Another important feature of the game refers to its aesthetics. The creators of the game from Russia were inspired by the Soviet past, which determined the appearance of the characters, and architecture, as well as the whole atmosphere. The action takes place in post-apocalyptic reality. Therefore, the influence of Soviet aesthetics here is intricately mixed with gloomy motives in the best traditions of horror.


The action in the Project Pastorate takes place in a fictitious state, in which, unlike the Soviet Union, the church occupies a dominant position. This state is ruled by the pastor, and the entire state apparatus, including the security service, is thoroughly saturated with piety.

The protagonist of the game Leonard – a young but clever agent of the special service department, which deals with matters of special national importance. His partner is an experienced severe veteran. They both have to investigate the intricate case of the provincial prefect’s death.

As already noted, dialogues between the characters play an important role in the game. In communication, you can choose the answer options, which will affect the further course of the game. You also have to participate in battles from time to time. These battles are designed in the format of card games. The choice of cards is small, but it allows you to attack and defend against opponents in a variety of ways.


During the investigation, partners constantly communicate with bandits and corrupt officials. Officials and politicians are often involved in corrupt schemes and conspiracies, and the results of the investigation can affect the interests of the ruling elite, which complicates the task of honest and conscientious agents.

In addition to the main task, the heroes face side puzzles. Riddles arise whenever a puzzle-like icon appears in the upper left corner of the screen. You need to click this icon to unravel the puzzle. However, this is not necessary and does not affect the main plot in any way.


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