The long-awaited release of the updated Red Faction


Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered Edition — quite a successful shooter, sponsored by the studio Volition, Inc. The project appeared in 2009 and was the third restart of the red part of the Red Faction series.

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What awaits players with Re-Mars-tered Edition

Story line

Under the scenario, it was EDFs that saved the Martian inhabitants from the aggressive management of the corporation Ultor. But instead of a happy ending, the saviors established their cruel regime of government. The protagonist arrived on Mars at the wrong time. He wanted to earn money and see his brother, but the stars did not agree. Soon the brother is killed and the engineer has to join the ranks of the Red Brigade for the next liberation of the planet from the invaders.



Fans of the game received a new reason for joy, as the publishing house THQ Nordic decided to release a remaster of Red Faction: Guerilla. As early as July 3, every gamer will be able to return to Mars for another portion of the adventure both on the PC and on the consoles.

Re-Mars-tered will completely change visually. The game will get processed and improved graphics, shadow rendering, lighting, shaders and post-processing. Also, support for 4K resolution will be added. The publisher clarifies that all the owners of the game on Steam will have access to the remaster absolutely free.

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What is interested in the project?

First of all, this is an open world of partisan battles. It is you who decide where, how and when the battle will be fought. Players need to use a tactical partisan approach to mission planning, improvise when selecting weapons and engage in the modification of their vehicles. In this case, players can launch attacks, based on their own style of gameplay.

Another feature that Red Faction likes: Guerilla — complete destructibility. Literally, you can break everything except the landscape. This feature allows you to think through each mission even more in detail from the tactical side.


A complete variety of physics allows you to perform tasks in different ways. Need to escape from the enemy? Destroy the ladder. Need to quickly get to the point? We destroy the walls and obstacles on our way. Do you want to take transport? We blow up the walls and leave. All these vivid impressions are available literally every minute of the gameplay.

Battles are even more interesting when you connect multiplayer. It starts combining styles, more aggressive attacks, improvising is often easier, and sometimes more difficult. Mode brings its zest and allows you to radically change the gameplay.



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