Resident Evil 2 Remake is all set to release after 20 years of its original release in 1998. The resident evil 2 remake trailer has already crossed millions of views. This game is going to be of horror genre and the clips of game are already being circulated throughout. Nostalgia is going to fill people up. There are middle aged people of over 45 years of age discussing and waiting for the game to release. Fans are sitting and reading all the news related to the games. There are many gamers having chitchat about the former game and the improvisations that can be seen. The graphics, the characters, the story and the Racoon City Police Department is all over the conversations. The talks about this game are all over the internet. Here are a few things you must know about this game as Capcom is all set to release it.

Resident Evil 2 Remake-Zombie

The Beginning of the Games

1993 marks the beginning of this series when the work on the story started. 1996 was the year when this Japanese series of game made its debut.  In 1998 came the original Resident Evil 2 whose remake is about to be released. The 3rd part to this series came in 1999, the “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis”. 2002 marked the release of three games of this series. One was “Resident Evil 0” which was a prequel to the first one. Second one to be released was the remake of the first game of the series. Last one was the “Resident Evil 4”. These were a few of the games in the starting of the series which gained popularity throughout the world. Later many games like “Resident Evil: Veronica” and “Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles” and others were released. A total of 30 games have been released in this series. But the two most popular games of this series were Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Rumours are that the team has already started working on the Nemesis Remake.

The Series of Movies

There have been a total of six movies in this series. The first one was Resident Evil in 2002. In the year 2004 came the “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”. Year 2007 saw the release of “Resident Evil: Extinction”. The next one came in 2010 titled “Afterlife”. 2012 saw the “Retribution”. In the year 2016 came the “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.

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Connection between Games and Movies

There are many fan theories going around on the Internet about this. Reality is these two are two different entities or so the makers want us to believe. Obviously they are connected by the name and the theme. But it has been seen that the storyline of the movies is different from that of the games. Though there have been villains in every movie with similar traits as that of the game. The Chopper Delta remains the same. Nemesis from the 3rd part of the game is seen in the exact same form in the 2nd part of the movie. Resident Evil: Retribution showcased the exact same scene from the 4th part of the game. Ada and Alice’s fight scene with exactly similar back flip is seen in the movie. Wesker is also a character that has been seen in both places.

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Expectations from the Remake

According to the gamers from different part of the world the only thing to expect and hope for is no change in the release date. Because they say there wouldn’t be anything even close to what is about to release. Yes, the graphics would definitely be the best which would make it a like a real life experience. The third person view of the game is going to make it more lively and scary at the same time. The resident evil 2 remake gameplay according to fans is going to be a unique experience. The nostalgia of 1998 is going to fill the people who have had a chance of playing it 20 years back. The resident evil 2 remake is going to have a single story simultaneously running unlike the former. The 1998 game had two separate stories to play with. The changes that are going to be present in the game are going to be positive. Gamers believe that the Racoon City Police Department and the Building are going to be more promptly shown. It’s been said that the Clair’s and Leon’s classic costumes are going to be available for free in the start of the game. The news is that there are going to be five costumes to choose from. Three costumes are going to be for Claire while two are going to be available for Leon. Many speculations are being made but nothing can be said for sure. These speculations are going to continue till the game is not released. Everybody is waiting for 25th January 2019 when this game will release for PS4, Xbox and Windows.


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