Space Junkies from Ubisoft. What to expect?


Space Junkies, the upcoming puzzle game in virtual reality from Ubisoft, has been introduced during the GDC 2018. Firstly, it has been introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017. The release date is the second quarter of 2018.

Space Junkies – a dynamic arcade shooter for VR-devices. You have to take part in the brutal network battles in orbital arenas that exist in three dimensions. There are battles 1 to 1 or 2 to 2 in the Dirty Bowl mode, where a lot of arenas are available. The game also has a vast arsenal of unusual modifiable weapons, which will easily be in your hands thanks to Oculus Touch and Vive controllers.


Space Junkies game


The mix of Echo Arena and the shooter

The best way to describe Space Junkies is to imagine how in the zero-gravity games in Echo Arena cannon are used instead of rifles. However, it is important to remember that all this is based on physics. Therefore, your missile carries certain strength, like every shot of your weapon. For example, a weapon, such as a shotgun or mini-cannon, will hit you much harder than a basic gun. Therefore, all this constantly resides in eternal dynamics.

Your virtual hands very accurately repeat the movements of the controllers. And it is also very visible to you and your opponents. You can wave them or threaten with your fist. There are also lots of interactive objects scattered around the arenas: for example, space debris. And all these stones and iron pieces you can throw in different directions or take to your side.

The player flies with a reactive backpack behind him, and therefore any push will throw you in the air with a variety of trajectories.


Space Junkies out space


What is more, guns are also scattered around the map of arena, ensuring that everyone has equal chances to increase firepower. You can also pick up additional health and armor points to increase the degree of protection. The menu has different classes and you can choose different options for speed and health.

Taking into consideration the fact, that the game has been created by the developers of Ubisoft, the largest game studio of the planet, we have very high expectations and hopes for this game.


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