The Crew 2 will be released in June


Work on bugs

The players accepted the first part of this racing game quite warmly. And yet there were complaints about physics and diversity in racing. Well, it seems that the developers took it to heart. In the second part, both drawbacks are eliminated.

First, the controllability of vehicles was improved significantly: fitting into the turns and maneuvering between the obstacles is now a pleasure. Secondly, it became possible to ride not only on cars, but, as the developers say, “on everything that has the engine.” The fleet of vehicles was filled with airplanes, boats, motorcycles, hovercraft, buggy SUVs …



The tracks also look different. For airplanes there are gate-checkpoint, through which you need to fly in a certain order. For boats – rivers and lakes, but if your boat is light enough or air-cushioned, it can easily cut corners, flying through small areas of land. SUVs drive through the woods without any roads, you’ll have to search the path to the next checkpoint by yourself. Each vehicle has its own control features. This means that Crew 2 will be very diverse.


Map and transport

At the same time, the map is still intact and represents the entire territory of the United States. Visibly reduced, but still impressive, with all the key cities and the opportunity to travel from one coast to another. Developers have tried to provide players with more freedom to explore the open world.


At the maximum distance the map looks schematic, but if you start to approach, sooner or later everything will become three-dimensional. You will need to choose the road to start competing.

You can switch between types of transport at any time on the go. When you fly in an airplane over a river, you can turn an airplane into a boat, fall into the water and continue the journey. Having reached the shore, you can change into a car, and so on.

Also, The Crew 2 can be called one of the most beautiful games. There is something to see: all vehicles are well detailed and look extremely realistic. You can play The Crew 2 either alone or with friends

As it became known, the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 26.


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