The Capital has been fully demolished. Civil war has broken out in the United States of America and Washington D.C. is the hub. Sleeper cells are about to get activated and worsen the scenario. It’s a time of crisis for the Nation and the World. It’s about time that you recognise your role and become a part of this Role Playing Video Game (RPG). If you work efficiently and are able to complete the missions, you’ll eventually be able to save the Nation. The idea of being the whole Nation’s hope is a responsibility that no one can deny to. When it comes to gamers, they don’t leave any chance to prove themselves. It is indeed a good plot for an action and thriller game. It has everything like action, adventure, emotion, drama and guns. You can learn more about the game below.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2-Soldiers

The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be the second game in this series after The Division. Ubisoft being its developer was keen on improvising everything about this project. Mainly because of the negative reviews it had got for The Division. Judging by the trailers that were showcased it seems it should be renamed to tom clancy’s the division 2 ultimate edition. The trailer was very impressive and grew a sense of belongingness in most of the viewers. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is all set to be released on 15th March 2019. The tom clancy’s the division 2 pre-order have already started.

Key Points to Gameplay

We are going to have a look at tom clancy’s the division 2 gameplay depending on the following factors. These factors would help us understand more about the gameplay.

Effective Narration

The narration of the game turns out to be really binding and attention seeking. It is really difficult to take your eyes off the screen for even a second. The combination of the visual and the narration are going hand in hand making things look better.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2-Game Map

Playing Environment

In the previous part the weather was all cold and foggy with snow covered grounds. This time they have gone for the summer look and the greenery looks quite amazing. The graphics of this game are impressively realistic making it even better. The way the demolished city of Washington DC or the plane Air Force 1 is shown looks very authentic. The swamps where the encounter takes place and everything else does really go with the narrative. The overall Playing Environment gives sense of reality.

Multiplayer Option

It has got a multi player option so as to defend the National Capital along with your friends online. The multiplayer option helps you team up with best of your pals and put in teamwork. An effective team can help fight the battles in an organised and strategic way. This way you would be able to reach the upcoming levels faster and brush up your skills on the way.

Modern Gears

The gears and weapons available in the first part of the game are going to be there. Apart from that this new game offers Signature Weapons and Weapon Mods. These are going to unlock on different levels of the game. There won’t be unlimited ammo but would have limited ammo. The idea is to give this game a more real life approach and work on precision.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2-Enemy

Stronger Enemy

The Enemy has become a lot stronger as seen in the trailer launch. The Artificial Intelligence provided to different set of enemies is different. This makes some of them attacking in nature while some are defensive. They are also able to reciprocate to attacks in a quicker and effective way. It makes them a lot more difficult to defeat. The key points which helps in killing the enemy is to hit on the weak points. This again shows how competitive of a game it has become. It has made this game as one to be conquered by the person with exact precision. The moment you lose your target or focus, you are a dead man. It’s also essential to have a sight all around you that is 360-degrees. Some enemies keep distance from you while some hide but there are some who sit at height and aim with a sniper. Good Luck.

Overall Impression

The Divisions 2 is an evolution of The Division in order to be more visually realistic and accurately narrative. The game has already received many pre-orders and is among discussions. The idea of saving a completely demolished capital from further destruction is somehow appealing. This Role Playing Game makes the mission look like a real life scenario and gives the chills and thrills of the adventurous journey. While the modern gears help in getting past few difficult obstacles the precision is something that is always necessary in this game. With the enemy getting more powerful the difficulty level has increased competitively.


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