We will survive: the best upcoming survival games

Conan Exiles

In this game you will have to survive in the world of Conan the Barbarian. However, the main hero is not Conan. The player himself will be able to create a protagonist. According to the plot, the main character was sentenced to death and crucified. However, soon he was rescued by Conan. You are free, but you have to survive in a very unfriendly world. After the escape, you have to hide, staying in very difficult conditions, build housing, craft and fight.


This game is also among the best upcoming survival games. However, at first it will be available only in the early access mode. The game is built in the format of a TV show. A group of prisoners is sent to an uninhabited island, where they have to fight with each other to amuse the viewers. Fights here are an important part of the game. The winner of a TV show, as well as games in general, is the prisoner who will remain the last on the island.

Fade to Silence

If you like post-apocalyptic romance, this survival game is worth trying. After the disaster, the climate on earth became unfavorable for life. Therefore, you will not only have to fight the brutalized creatures, but also to resist the elements. To survive, you will need to control your resources and correlate them with the capabilities of the protagonist. Among other things, you will need to decide whether to engage in combat with monsters or to wait until a more favorable weather is established.
Fade to Silence

The Forest

Perhaps, you have already played this game in early access mode. If you liked it, there is good news for you: this year its full version is released. The protagonist and his son survive in a plane crash, but find themselves on an island inhabited by cannibals. Soon the son disappears, and the father begins to seek him out, trying to avoid meeting with the cannibals. In addition to searching for his son, he will need to look for resources, build housing and protect it.
The Forest


This is another game that previously was in early access. Very soon you will be able to test its full version. In this game you have to survive in the desert, with only a stone and a torch. To increase your chances of survival, you will have to join one of the clans, consisting of characters of the other players. In addition to searching for resources and battles with other clans, you will also need to monitor the state of your hero, avoiding hunger, thirst and extreme temperatures.


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