Upcoming games 2018

A Way Out

If you have never happened to escape from prison, now you can fill this gap. Fortunately, in the virtual dimension. In this game, created in the genre of actionadventure, you will control two heroes – prisoners Leo and Vincent. By helping each other, they try to escape from the jail. In this game you can play only with another player, a single mode is not provided.


Among upcoming games 2018 this puzzle game with elements of adventure and action movie is also worth noting. The hero of this funny game is a mouse dreaming of finding happiness in distant countries. He sets out on a dangerous journey. You have to explore the magical world in which you can manipulate objects and even change the reality, fight with enemies, recover from battles and solve puzzles. The game world is interactive and constantly changing depending on your actions.

Far Cry 5

This game in the genre of a first-person shooter with elements of action-adventure is one of the most anticipated among the upcoming games of 2018. Its plot is built around the confrontation between the assistant sheriff and the sect. The developers assured that they have carefully studied this issue, because it is relevant for the United States. Unlike the previous series of games, now you can change the appearance of the hero, choosing his gender and race. Another interesting possibility – you can recruit local people and tame wild animals.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Would you like to rule the king? You are welcome! The main character of this role-playing computer game is the monarch, driven out of his castle. His task is to return and restore order in his kingdom. The action takes place in an open world, you can freely move characters around the kingdom and control them during battles with enemies. During the fights, characters can use their own magic, as well as magic creatures.


In this realistic horror, players have to control the soul of the person which has fallen into the hell. Wandering through the corridors of the dungeon in search of an exit, you will have to move into other creatures – this is the only way to survive in this underground labyrinth, inhabited by monsters. You can move into three kinds of creatures. Each of these species has certain abilities. And the more powerful the creature, the more difficult it is to move into it.



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