Vampyr is about to come

Vampyr is one of the most anticipated releases of June, which we will be able to fully appreciate on June 5. The game combines such genres as RPG and action and gives players opportunity to try on the role of a vampire – a creature that not only has to drink someone else’s blood, but also feel ashamed for his deeds.



The protagonist is a doctor who, by the will of fate, becomes a vampire. From now on, he is torn between compassion and the thirst for blood. The intrigue is that the player does not need to necessarily kill people and drink their blood. However, he can restore strength and acquire new abilities only by killing.


The game developers describe its world as half-open. Actions take place in several interconnected areas of London. From the very beginning of the game, the hero can freely move around the entire playing territory except for some closed places. Murders affect the situation in each district. If a vampire kills too often in some area, this area will become inaccessible to the protagonist.

In Vampyr, you will come across several types of vampires. Some vampires are aristocratic and charming. Others resemble vagabonds living in gutters. There are also vampire werewolves and vampires who hate other bloodsuckers.

In addition to hunting for people, the main character must fight with enemies, including bosses. Social interaction is also of great importance: you should communicate with other characters, get information and so on. To succeed in the game, the protagonist must learn the habits of his victims. Due to his magical abilities, he is able to see through the victims, in particular to determine the quality of blood.


Each murder in one way or another affects the plot. The more important the killed character is, the more influence his death has on the further course of the game and on other characters.

The game is constructed in such a way that the vampire gets more benefit from killing innocent citizens than from fighting with enemies. Every time, after the murder of a town dweller, the vampire learns his victim’s last thoughts. This was done in order to cause feelings of pity for the victim and provoke the torture of conscience.

In battles, the protagonist can use a variety of weapons, which can be improved with the help of randomly found items. Also, a hero can use his magical powers. However, this is fraught with loss of strength. Forces can be restored by drinking the blood of another victim. Also, a vampire has the ability to hypnotize, thanks to which he can get victims without a fight.


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