World War 3 Introduction

The world has seen two deadly wars all in the previous century. In both World Wars, nations were trying to prove which nations were stronger than the others. It is during this wars that some of the deadliest military equipment were used for the first time. The U.S, for instance, used a nuclear bomb to silence Japan. It is this move that brought the end of the war even closer. Various nations showed their prowess in military equipment during this period. Governments were hard on their military and technology experts to develop more sophisticated weapons that would see their countries become victorious. The two World Wars have continued to cause jitters among people. Anytime a conflict that seems to involve a number of nations comes up, World War 3 news fill the media both social and mainstream media. This is an indication that people always fear the possibility of a World War 3. This fear has not been expressed better anywhere else than in video games. World War 3 game offers gamers a firsthand experience of what the real World War 3 will be like.

World War 3 - Man and Map

World War 3 as a Video Game

In the world of video games, World War 3 is a game that taunts gamers to prepare for a possible World War 3. This time, gamers prepare for the war as military personnel in a battlefield. The game is a thrilling and fun to play. Unlike what people fear about the real World War 3, World War 3 game seems cool and worth took forward to playing. World War 3 is a multiplayer military game that depicts a modern global conflict. To make the game look real, World War 3 gameplay supports strong teamplay. It also allows the use of national armed forces who go to the battlefield in real locations. Things get more interesting with as the game allows full body awareness. The modern warfare capability is enhanced by other elements including advanced armors and a strong ballistic system. The fear of what World War 3 would be like is shown in this game as the consequences of every battle is revealed.

Modern battlefield

If a World War 3 will ever happen, it will meet totally different environment from that in both World War 1 and World War 2. The level of technology today is higher and thus the weapons beings sued are more lethal and precision of these weapons is incredible. Execution of enemies will be lethal, and similarly, the enemies having acquired similar weapons will be deadly to deal with. World War 3 video game offers gamers this modern battlefield experience. The tactics used in the video game are highly inspired by real combat engagements happening in the contemporary society. There are numerous combat experiences to borrow from especially with the heightened war on terrorism.

World War 3-Soldiers

World War 3 game modes

World War 3 offers gamers two game modes namely Warzone and Recon. These two modes also mirror what is expected to happen if a World War 3 was ever to take place. If World War 3 will ever happen, there will be a special team that will engage in capturing high-value targets such as ambassadors and military leaders. This group may also be tasked with the duty of saving fellow country men and women held hostage in other countries. This situation is captured in Recon which is the tactically oriented game mode. Another expected scenario is where the military engages in intense firefights. This scenario offers a chance a great teamwork. This scenario is captured by Warzone game mode where battles include those of infantry and armored units.

Early access

Gamers who want to contribute on what the final game becomes have an opportunity to do so by paying for the early access. If the early access does not please you in some way, gamers may give reviews on different platforms including in the developers’ website. With community input, World War 3 will only become better. The experience from playing different games can help the developers avoid common mistakes made by other developers. Once community input is considered, World War 3 is expected to be a game changer.

World War 3-Killed

National pride

Both First and Second World Wars were geared towards national pride. The winning team were very proud while the losing team was ashamed. World War 3 game is no different. It is all about national pride. The game offers gamers an opportunity to choose their country of choice. Each country has a unique uniform that accurately depict the true situation on ground. The game also adjusts the weapons and equipment being used to match the country of choice. The beauty of this is that it makes the battle personal and thus the need to prove that your country of choice has the best military is thus best placed to win the World War 3. The maps used in the game show real locations making the game feel more real.



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