What is X4?

X4 refers to a quad-core processor that is generated by AMD. Recently, X4 seems to be striking a balance between the goals set by Egosoft to address the ambitious but disappointing X-rebirth. It is considered a better and more traditional organization of the studio’s previous innovations, which are X2 and X3. Despite being a competitive product in the market, X4 faces antagonism from No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous which generate their own brands for space exploration. The Star Citizen even goes ahead to hover over the horizon. X4 is meant to be a return to the values of the core series and clean the name of the company after the disappointment of X-rebirth in 2013.

X4 Foundations - Spaceship

History of the X video game series

X is basically a science fiction space trading and combat simulator series that is developed by the German developer Egosoft. The series is exhibited in the X-universe where more than one races are linked to each other by jump gates. Having been launched in 1999, the series consists of four base games: X: Beyond the frontier, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion and X Rebirth. The latest development in the series is the X4: Foundations which will be launched on 30th November 2018.

About X-rebirth

X-Rebirth is a single player combat game that was developed by Egosoft. Being the sixth installment in the X universe adventure game series, the innovation was not as successful as the developer thought it would be. According to the views of most players, all through the game, the players were stuck. Additionally, some of the tutorial messages provided were incorrect, the game often crashed and some objects that are crucial in the game did not appear on time to read the data correctly. This led to dissatisfaction among players and the developer had to come up with a better game; one that corrected the mistakes presented in X-rebirth. Thus the development of X4: Foundations.

X4 Foundations - Alien

What makes X4 interesting?

One interesting twist that is presented by X4 is that it will not have a central plot. On the contrary, more focus is being laid on creating a convincing story that evolves dynamically as the player travels around. X4’s universe will play host for numerous factions, all of which have goals that have to be fulfilled and maybe grow and evolve X-com. X4 sounds all interesting but so did X-rebirth that disappointed and proved to be an unplayable mess upon launch.

Features of X4

Other than dynamic evolution of X4, other features include a brand new modular building system that allows you to advance ships as well as be able to create your own space stations and a completely refurbished UI. Additionally, X4 allows you to perform EVAs and spacewalks. The players of the game will be able to pull spacewalking tricks in order to attach explosives to a station. Just like everything else in the game, you can never leave the safety of your ship and break into an ancient relatively safe station. Further still, you cannot fly into the folds of an asteroid while looking for crystals.

X4 Foundations - Openspace

X4 Foundations release

X4 Foundations is the long-awaited sequel in the very successful X series. It presents one of the most sophisticated simulations of the universe ever seen. Being the newest entry in Egosoft’s series of space simulators, the release will be officially launched later this year. The release announcement was complemented by a new gameplay video that shows details of the new accompanying features and offers an explanation of the ways in which this particular game differs from the previous developments. The simulation offers you an opportunity to fly every ship, explore the space and even to be able to manage an empire. It also maintains that you have to trade, fight, build and carefully think before setting out for a journey.  The X4: Foundations 2018 is due on November 30th.  It will cost $50 on steam and from Egosoft.

X4 review

When X-rebirth failed terribly in 2013, the studio were quite open about some of the problems, more so the buggy state of the launch. Patches did a lot of work to fix the game but they altogether came up with a whole new game; a little different from what X players were anticipating. The X4: Foundations review section contains diverse opinions regarding the failure of the company’s initial project and the project at hand. The reviews of many are that the X4: Foundations will signify the return of the X-series back to the industry. It is thus expected that the launch will present new features and establish an entirely new financial entire. Additionally, players believe that since the company has muttered for years, they have been fixing and changing their technology following the 2013 disappointment. Spacemen will therefore once again be presented with the opportunity to every single ship in the game rather than being locked and limited to only one.


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